The seat which the landscape in flight like an open car can be seen is also the concept design of the near future airstream plan advocated by Airbus

I develop aircraft and supply them to each airlineAirbusCompany has opened the concept design of a near future aircraft.

We have fairly advanced facilities such as seats that can enjoy the scenery in flight like an open car and multipurpose space that can go from sports to the meeting, and we are excited a little when we think about getting on board. It has become something to come.

For details of the near future aircraft, please see below.The Future by Airbus - The Airbus Concept Plane

The logo mark of the near future aircraft is quite stylish.

Although the appearance of the main body is not greatly different from the current airplane, it is distinctive that the tailplane is divided into two.

We are checking in at the ticket-less on this concept machine.

The aircraft is divided into the front and rear seats and the central common area.

It also automatically shows the position of your seat.

Baggage is automatically collected when placed in the counter.

The design of the seat is also slimmer than the current one, and the colors are also summarized simply. It seems that there is a gap between the seat and the seat, which is considerably more relaxing than the current airplane.

It is a mechanism to generate electricity from passenger's body temperature. In addition, it is also possible to detect the state of the body, automatically judge "it is necessary to drink water", "need to supply vitamins" and so on so that appropriate services can be received .

A monitor appears in front of you and you can see various information. The same thing is attached to the current airplane, but since the monitor is embedded in the rear part of the front seat, it seems that someone who stands out at the front seems useful.

The baggage that I put in the counter earlier will be automatically stored around the passenger's head.

Next, we will move to the shared section.

The globe is projected on the floor ......

It shows you where this airplane is flying right now.

This shared section is a multipurpose space that can be used in various ways. This is where I am enjoying virtual golf.

If it is normal, there is a meeting after traveling by airplane, but this aircraft can be held if it is a small meeting.

The table can be raised from the floor and used as a bar.

It is probably the seat which corresponds to the first class etc.

It was a seat at the rear of the aircraft, but this time I moved to the front seat. Because it is made of transparent material such as ceiling and windows etc, it can see the state of the sky in flight.

The seat self-restorates the wound and has self-cleaning action, so you can sit on a clean seat even for a long flight. Like the seat earlier, it seems that we are generating electricity from passenger's body temperature.

It seems that we can change the orientation of the seat.

If sunlight is dazzled, just by holding your hand over the part where the sun is plugged in, the aircraft that senses the gesture will drop the blind there.

The altitude of the mountains seen outside is also displayed on the monitor.

In the evening, the seat reclines deeply and the facade covers over each single seat.

Because it is expected that boarding of elderly people will increase in the future,Economy syndromeWe created this concept design to minimize the adverse health problems such as ours. In terms of current aircraft, especially economy classes, we use physical fitness for boarding, so it is expected to be able to realize the concept contents up to practical use.

The demo movie can be seen from the following link.

YouTube - The Future by Airbus - Concept plane cabin

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