"Wilkinson Gingeraire Dry" tasting review that you can easily buy the taste of the bar at convenience stores

Ashi beverage "Wilkinson Gingeraire Dry" (500 ml PET bottle type) was released, so I bought it at a convenience store in the neighborhood at once.

Generally, there are many Canadian dryings when it comes to easy to obtain Gingerjae, but Wilkinson is famous as a brand of Gingeraire. You can see Wilkinson is placed when you go to a bit of fashionable restaurants and bars. However, there is something called a bottle drink, but it was quite difficult to say "going to buy because I want to drink".

However, since this product is sold at convenience stores, it is easy to enjoy the taste at the bar. Review from below.
Brand of tradition and trust "Wilkinson Gingeraire Dry" | News Release 2011 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

I bought it. It is 147 yen per book, but now it was 127 yen for sale.

"Guarantees High Quality. Since 1904", since 1904 the Wilkinson brand has sent out Ginjaele guaranteeing high quality.

This year is 2011, so it's already a traditional brand that lasts more than 100 years.

Raw material name. Sweeteners used acesulfame K, sucralose, stevia and artificial ones. It is a little uneasy.

By using artificial sweetener, it realizes zero calories and zero sugar.

The cap was a unified cap of white plain for the response after the disaster.

So I tried it on a glass.

It probably does not notice if you drink directly from PET bottle, but the exciting scent rises considerably, the nose gets muzzled.

Even if it is a carbonated drink or a refreshing drink, it is almost imaginable that "If it is an artificial sweetener, it will be such a taste", but since this dry Wilkinson Ginjayre dry pursues stimulation, first it is more hot than sweetness I will come. Rather, there is a sweetness that is sticky, it disturbs this spicy, so after all it is just a little sweet this seasoning is just too. If you drink chilled to the kinkin, you will feel pretty good performance that is never inferior to bottled Wilkinson. Things in bottles can not be obtained easily, but it is quite pleasing to Ginjaele fans that this can be bought immediately at convenience stores.

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