3D spatialization of home life full of life, "Family home 3D" which can add "delicious milk" and pigeons and washing shears freely

Artwork that adds "delicious milk" and "Saran wrap", even pigeons and clothespins to real-time 3D images of life full of living feeling "Home family 3D".

In addition to the daily necessities as above, you can add sounds like bass sounds in real time, so you can taste the strange feeling that vision and hearing are put into the whole virtual home.

About the appearance that "Homemaker 3D" is actually operated from the following.Home family 3D - okikata.org

This was held at the Tokyo Photography Museum in December last yearAdventure over the image vol.3 3D Vision - seeking new expression -In the related event "Visual & Sound Programming for 3D", the author'sAkihiko TaniguchiMr. himself is demonstrating "Homemaker 3D".

A state where only items to be placed later are displayed, such as an oranges, a pigeon, a bucket with a picture of Miffy.

There is more than one pattern in virtual honeymoon space. This is a bathroom of old-fashioned tile ground.

Since it is 3D space, it is also possible to see inside the room from different angles. Even just in the state of my parents' house, my sense of living is already overwhelming, but I added another CG image of daily necessities such as "delicious milk" and "Saran wrap" for rubber, shoes for pigs and pigeons to a further chaotic space I will change it.

It is possible to add not only the above CG image but also sound at any time that can be added to the 3D homebase space, so the atmosphere looks different when you look at the movie.

Home family 3DFromIkoOnVimeo.

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