A Shanghai company employee who has worked at Iron Man Cosplay of Super Power Strokes has become a popular player and a movie that the company walks with an iron man suit

Cosplay events are held all over the world Recently, any company has secretly coworkers who hobby about cosplay secretly, so it is not a situation that suddenlyIronmanWhen a colleague who wore a suit went to work, what kind of reaction would the company people react?

It seems that there was a company employee in Shanghai that actually caused such a situation that would not happen in reality. He seems to have become a popular person by walking around the company with her own wearing a homemade Iron Man suit with a weight of 50 kg.

Details of the person who became Iron Man at the company are as follows.Iron Man Wang Kang: Telecoms worker storms office wearing costume | Mail Online

Wang Xiaoyang. Anthropomorphic book -

Mr. Wang Yang is dressed as Iron Man.

This suit mimics the movie version "Mk - 1" that Tony Stark first won in movies. Red and gold suit you often see in packages etc is "Mk - 3".

The main material isEVA FormIt adheres to the aluminum plate and uses it and expresses the texture of iron by painting.

Mr. Wang carried this 50 kg suit with a car by car, changed into an iron man suit in his department, went outside, and was further stopped by a guard man at the entrance as he entered the entrance of the company That's right.

Mr. Wang started production in February and was completed in June and said that the cost is costing $ 450 (about 36,000 yen). Still, Mr. Wang says that it was worthy to spend that much effort and cost, "I was praised by my boss and girls, and some girls had fallen in love with me" I will.

Mr. Wang receives interviews with local media.

I have a suit wearing a woman of caster.

It looks like she actually wears it.

It seems that one person can not wear it.

Mr. Wang said, "When I was making this at the time I was vacant it took time and my effort was not half done and I wanted to stop it many times but I wanted to share a happy moment with my friends. I need passion, I thought that it would be better for the armor I made to trigger everyone's enthusiasm. "

In the movie below, it is recorded that Mr. Wang walking the company with an iron man suit.

YouTube - IRON MAN - MARK 1 - COMPLETE - Foam Armor Costume - Artist - Wang Kang - (Shanghai, CHINA)

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