Arrested with a gun threatening his father, the landlord who was furious at the birthday party that cake was not distributed to his children

A father who was furious at the birthday party seat with parents who was forced to take care of someone else's cake for some reason brought a gun from home and threatened the mother of the house hosting the party I was arrested on.

I can not imagine the scene of having only a specific child out of my class in front of my parent's view, and I do not want to, but why did I get into the situation before I brought out a gun?

The flow from the child's birthday party until becoming a police chief is as follows.Man brings gun to South Memphis birthday party after his kids do not get any cake> »The Commercial Appeal

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A man living in the southern part of Memphis, Tennessee, USA, was arrested on suspicion of threatening the landlord with a gun because he did not receive a cake at his birthday party where his children attended.

Joseph Hayes (48) was arrested on charges of weighted assault. According to the insurance prepared by the police, Hayes, who was at the house of the child who opened the birthday party, was confused by seeing no birthday cake or ice cream distributed to his children, "you, I do not distribute cakes and ice for my children! "After leaving the scene crying out, I went back to my apartment in the middle of the party.

Hayes' face photo.

After that, Hayes responded with a black short gun in the pocket behind the pants, returned to the party venue house, grasping the mother's breast of the house, "I will go to prison if you want me to treat you properly I'm not afraid because I'm scared. "

The mother of the house hosting the birthday party informed the police, Hayes was arrested. She told the police that she felt the strongest fear in her life. After the arrest, Hayes denied the possession of the gun and stated that "It is a fake thing that looks like a gun when it is in the pocket, and a real gun is not taken".

The amount of bail of 30,000 dollars (about 2.39 million yen) was presented to the defendant, and he said that he appeared in the court on 6 June. Only the crime against the violence that the defendant played was noted, "Why was the birthday party cake not distributed only to the defendant's children?" Was the cake distributed to defendants' children after that? "There seems to be no story to the place.

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