Silent Hill latest episode "Silent Hill: Downpour" E3 latest trailer and play movie

As the latest work of Konami's popular horror series "Silent Hill"Silent Hill: Downpour"ButE3 2011I went to the venue.

In addition to the opening of a new trailer at the venue, playable exhibitions are also being held, which is the 5th work of the series that was released overseas"SILENT HILL HOMECOMING" was canceled in JapanAndThe trailer of the latest work was released in last year's E3It is content that meets the expectation of the user who was waiting for the release of the latest series work.

Details are as below.SILENT HILL - latest work -

Around the silent hill trailer of the Konami booth, people were always able to see the movies peacefully.

The movie below is the same trailer movie that was flowing at the E3 2011 venue.

YouTube - Silent Hill: Downpour - E3 2011 Trailer

Apparently the protagonist of this work seems to be a prisoner.

A hero who is taken over by an escort car and carried somewhere.

Nocturnal path of rain, a driver to look away.

Probable overturn.

The main character to be thrown out.

To wander around the town that was surrounded by fog.

To the monastery of Silent Hill ... ....

Various scenes cut in.

Scheduled to be released in winter 2011.

"Silent Hill: Downpour" is a playable exhibition, so you can actually play some.

The bottom movie is a picture of how to play at the venue.

YouTube - silenthill

Atmosphere already already scary with pink light and black stain.

I will go along the aisle.

Black water is running down from the pipe which has broken off halfway.

Turn the picture on the wall.

The floor opens, as the fence descends, a horizontal fence opens.

Going forward, a strong pink light was emitted from the front of the door.

Apparently there seems to be a suction power in this light, I pulled a pink glowing object and drowned it.

The message "Murphy run! (Running!)" Is displayed.

Run away from the imminent light and escape.

When I try to get out of the open space, the fence suddenly comes down and I can not pass.

I will escape where I can proceed anyway.

Then there was a door that could emit pink light ahead of that.

I will run away as it is about to be drawn.

I tried throwing in the pink shining rock and trying to overcome it, but I was overtaken by it.

Game over.

Because I can play only fragmentally, I could not understand what is going on, but the fact that I am afraid anyhow has been conveyed. This workKonami's E3 exhibition informationAccording to said that at the moment "Japan version is scheduled to be released as" SILENT HILL - latest work - "(PlayStation 3)", apparently this work seems to be released in Japan as well.

The silent hill official site is from the following.

SILENT HILL - latest work -

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