SF movie "SUPER 8 (Super Eight)" 4 pieces of trailer movie with Japanese subtitles released in a row

Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams were a sci-fi movie, which was published in Japan on Friday, June 24SUPER 8 (Super Eight)"4 Japanese trailer trailer movies will be released at once.

If you continue to look at the four images that included the main video,Film fans across the country watched the trailer and solved puzzles with full powerIt is also a movie that you can taste deeper when you look at it in the dark room alone in the middle of the night because the situation and the atmosphere and the eerie of the mysterious life form, the situation becomes increasingly strained .

Trailer movie with Japanese subtitles All 4 movies are from the following.Movie "SUPER 8 / Super Eight" official website

The main characters, Joe and Heroine's El Fanning, who are absorbed in filming with 8 mm cameras Six boys and girls leave the house with unlicensed driving at midnight and are preparing to shoot at popular stations I will. When you start shooting according to the passage of the train, one track pushes in as opposed to the train.

The train transporting "something" from area 51 collided with the truck after passing the station. In the flames where the crashed train and cargo exploded, Joe escaped to scattering. The cargo container lies down in front of Joe who seemed to have gone out of crisis, and the "something" inside is a strong force trying to go out, the container gets bigger and the door is blown off. Joe standing on the spot because of fear. Meanwhile, the thing that the 8 mm camera left behind got shooting, afterwards getting involved in the mysterious event of Joe.

Joe who ran away from the container where "something" was in and joined with his colleagues. On the scene of the accident where one side was full of debris, Joe discovered the truck that struck the train and its driver. The driver of the truck is Mr. Woodward teaching senior living things at Joe's school and he is barely able to keep consciousness with blood and say "Do not say this to anyone" "Awful things have happened There is "
"If found, you and your parents will be killed," telling them to threaten Joe with a gun and leave from this place.

Joe who was threatened by Professor Woodward and ran away. At the accident site, soldiers of the army rush to collect "something". Joe who ran away because of life by cars thought that "I will not tell this to anyone", "I will not say it if I keep silent", but contrary to their anticipation, the 8 million film empty boxes The discovered army knows that someone has witnessed the secret information and begins a big search.

The movie "Super 8 (Super 8)" will be released nationwide from Friday, June 24.

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