"Devil May Cry" series latest work "DmC Devil May Cry" live-action movie decision made

It was announced that "DmC Devil May Cry" currently under development with the latest work of Capcom's popular work "Devil May Cry" will be live-action movie before the release of the game.

In the game of Capcom the other dayLet's make a movie in "Law courts" live actionAlthough it was just announced, this work seems to be overseas production.

About what we know about "Live Devil May Cry" latest movie live action movie is from the following.Capcom Inc. | The latest work of Capcom's game 'Devil May Cry' series is decided to be feature film by Screen Gems!

CAPCOM: DmC Devil May Cry Official Site

The latest development of "Devil May Cry" series "DmC Devil May Cry", which is currently under development, was announced as a live-action movie with the game as a motif in front of release.

Production company was Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. of the US, and previously produced "Resident Evil Degeneration"Screen · GemsA company. Cast is not currently announced, but the script is said that Kyle Ward, known for the movie "Hitman 2" and "Kane & amp; Lynch", based on the original game, will serve.

On the official website, since 16:36 June 8th, the banner of "decision to make a movie" is being stolen, it is awaited for further information in the future.

CAPCOM: DmC Devil May Cry Official Site

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