A police officer using a VIP exclusive toilet was sentenced to imprisonment

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It is occasionally seen that "men invaded women's lavatories and arrested" is occasionally news, but it seems that there was a case that a police officer who used a toilet exclusively for VIP caught and becomes imprisoned.

A situation may arise in which people are forced to run into the toilet by all means, but what happened to this policeman and why was it sentenced to imprisonment?

Details are as below.
Zimbabwe officer who used Mugabe's toilet awaits word on his fate - CNN.com

The incident occurred in Zimbabwe.

Alois Mabhunu detective in the murder case is the second city of ZimbabweBulawayoDuring the security of the international trade fair held in Japan, I can not stand it anyhow,President MugabeAnd Jean Louis Ekra he used a VIP toilet designated exclusively for the African Import & Export Bank Governor.

An exclusive security guard is attached to the toilet, and although this criminal was once stopped, it rushed into the toilet after thwarting the restraint.

By this act he was arrested the following day and the police court convicted, so a 10-day imprisonment was sentenced. At the same time, we also decided to demolish from the murder charge, and we can not investigate clothes. The criminal family claims that the lawyer was not present at the time of the hearing, Augustine Chihuri said that he expects the police general manager to overturn the conviction.

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