How about trying out by too close, a wild leopard hopped on the car so we tried playing together Russian photographer

Before,A picture of a rat pretending food from leopardAlthough it posted, this time Russian amateur photographer seems to succeed in playing with the wild leopard.

Sergey Kotelnikov and Sergey IvanovNamibiaWhen I was shooting wild animals with safari, the leopard's children approached beyond expectations and eventually jumped to the roof of the car and sat down in front of the cameraman. But the leopard was not hungry, they seemed to have taken a chance to play with the wild leopard fortunately.

Pictures of the Russian photographer playing with the wild leopard are from the following.Leopard jumps up on top of Jeep while photographer is on safari | Mail Online

Sergey Kotelnikov is surprised when the leopard jumps onto the car being filmed.

Leopard will sit down in front of Mr. Kotelnikov. Mr. Kotelnikov at this time probably seems to have seriously felt the danger of life.

The picture was taken by Sergey Ivanov who came together from another car. Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Kotelnikov were trying to photograph the leopard's children on the roof of the car respectively, the leopard's child came close to me, and while I was looking for the best shot moment I was jumped into the car That's right.

"Look at the picture when the leopard got on the roof of the car, you can see clearly how it looked like he was," Ivanov says.

However, when leopard does not come to eat Mr. Ivanov and Kotelnikov merely coming from curiosity simply, they said that they got off the roof of the car and decided to play with leopard.

Although leopard is staggering in a big bag containing Mr. Kotelnikov 's camera, it seems that it did not seem to be the same as a cat truly, Kotelnikov' s camera was broken apart at this time.

Ultimately the leopard seemed to have released the two safely, Kotelnikov said "Aza remained on hands and face, jumping and getting on me, they are very powerful animals in children "I tell you.

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