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Successful death in August 2010didImperativeDirector's hands-on TV anime "A delusion agent"ButBD-BOXedIt was decided.

The price is 22,250 yen, as well as being a multi-angle director Naoshi Naotoshi direct calligraphy story (first episode) as a bonus, interview with director and Mr. Susumu Hirasawa and a psychiatrist Saito Kan's interview picture It is also recorded that it is also.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Super strong protective sheet "invisibleSHIELD" okay to scrape iPad or iPhone with drill - GIGAZINE

The packet flat rate plan is abolished due to the increase in communication volume, targeted for mobile phones and iPads including iPhone - GIGAZINE

Kanagawa Prefectural Police Predicts the Place where the Incident Occurs Next, Arrests Forced Abusive Suspect - GIGAZINE
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Things to know after repeated age | News or news

Chaos Chan: Do you read "sea leopard" as "azura" ww me forever
"I'll protect you," summary of the neta series.

VIPPER me: I thought that she was desperate with my dreams when I thought she could, but now I'm watching this is my dream, I will get up soon.

2 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Osaka) [] Posted on: 2011/06/01 (Wed) 15: 09: 22.38 ID: brBgTeTx0
Look directly at the reality!

3 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Tochigi Prefecture) [] Posted on: 2011/06/01 (Wed) 15: 09: 53.21 ID: rP5Sug6U0
Inception Party Y

4 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Kagoshima Prefecture) [] Posted on: 2011/06/01 (Wed) 15: 10: 04.29 ID: JUByZtO7P
That's right, everything I experience is a bad dream ...

7 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Tibet Autonomous Region) [] Posted on: 2011/06/01 (Wed) 15: 12: 04.41 ID: / iEfEGEd 0
Oh, I also dreamed that she could do yesterday
8 Name: Nameless @ squirting eyes. (Kansai) [] Posted on: 2011/06/01 (Wed) 15: 12: 17.71 ID: guS9GOstO
Delusion is the best and! I did not have any reality!

I want to marry a voice actor: Hamster bulletin

1: Surrogate: 2011/03/09 (Wednesday) 00: 30: 18.07 ID: DTJVW + Nz 0
I am now 25 years old, how can I get married?
I would like to marry Taketa Ayana, Iguchi Yuka, Hanazawa Kana

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Everyone is ugly

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Kari Risu "Inexpensive e-mail to acquaintances of two disabled people" - Golden Times

"Shimamura" big break between small and medium school girls ...! Shimamura-kun started!

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: If you strike your opponent while you are talking with each other - livedoor blog

Futaba Town "Because the townspeople were arrested at the evacuation destination and JK 's childbirth, I will withhold the donation payment." Town people "What is it?

Lifetime \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Cool picture of Osan Please - Live live blog

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【image】 Maeda Atsuko and a certain toy are perfectly matched and small collection of topics - Live live blog

Sideburns Chashes ~: Pictures depicted by psychotic disorder are Vady - Livedoor blog

Togetter - "Opinions on" Disposing and Retiring Firefighters who Performed Life Surveillance Outside the Operation on a Holiday "

"There are people who have got a serious injury in front of you, you can do life-saving acts in violation of the law ... Well what do you do?" That's a question that Professor Sandell's incandescence class seems to come out ....

I caught mice, but I am cute and I am in trouble with disposal www: hamster breaking

About Takafumi Horie seen from one employee who joined Livedoor after the new birth (* Individual impression) - Hack Forever

Blog :: 941 I went to Berg Hamburg Bagg Co., Ltd.!
Inner circumstances of Berg Hamburgberg Co., Ltd. known for lighting such as "Tonkatsu classroom". As expected again outdoors.

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【Reading notice】 If you turn on the light in the mountain, a lot of insects will come back 【Image 133 pieces】 Shimpan

I pushed aluminum melted in "Ali's nest" and tried to take the mold! : Funny Media BOX

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【Fukui】 Monju sodium is opened so as not to burn by touching the air at the upper part of the reactor

The painful news (No ∀ `): Prime Minister Kan" I am not going to quit "- Livedoor blog

Hatoyama former Prime Minister "It is a lie" color: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I wanted to die today by watching the Diet on TV today.

A stupid farce play carried out with the serious expression of people who are regarded as that celebrity who was unnaturally fat and unnaturally young in the today's meeting, if you see that, There was nothing to escape. Nothing changes. This life has not changed at all. It does not change for a while. It became full of feelings.

Why "Rulers" Fall ": Psychology Experiment | WIRED VISION

There are a lot of news that powerful people act incorrectly. It is a matter of mind that they are acting dominantly against those whose status is lower than their own, and taking sexual acts based on power by power, although it is not surprising at all. The problem is that why such a bad behavior will happen. Why does power degenerate?
According to psychologists, one of the problems of powerful people is that their empathy for the situation and feelings of others is low. According to several studies, a person in a powerful position is easy to make a stereotype-like judgment and easy to generalize when judging other people.

【Column】 Politics Circus Destroying Japan - WSJ Japan Version - www.WSJ.com

Prime Minister Naoto Kan was able to escape the confidence resolution by somehow by expressing that he would resign if the reconstruction basic bill was approved and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident converged so that he could withdraw. This avoided the worst scenario of dissolution / general election that would lead to political emptiness for a few months.
Still, the centripetal force of Mr. Kan declined greatly, it became difficult to tackle the problem that the Japanese government ignored for years, such as fiscal rebuilding and Promotion of the Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) over the years. U.S. rating agency Moody's Investors Service said on Thursday that it would review Japan's rating downwards, pointed out the instability of Japan's politics as a main cause.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Gaddafi Asset, Japan Invests 350 Billion Yen Nanotech Investment - International

[Series: Direct impact to the company! ] Aiming at "Tohoku Android Speaks" ~ Kayak Branch Offices · Sendai Stream, Tohoku Reconstruction Project ~ | Engineer type

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Walloenai who became a village by marriage to the country as much as possible - Golden Times

Twenty-four things that the bride of a heavy social networker needs to know * Person's book of making homepages
"When my husband suddenly stop looking at the phone, there is a high possibility of it being on fire, so I may commit suicide, so tonight I will hold you in games and underwear and hold me gently"

If you get it, it's definitely a Web boys! That's 5 reasons and a simple strategy! Is it? | Upgrade girls' strength Cafe Googirl
A concept of "Web boys" like misunderstood a man who works in the Web industry.

VIPPER N: I have nothing to write in my resume at work

1 Name: Below, VIP will be sent to you as a nameless [sage] Posted on: May 5, 27 (Fri) 22: 52: 11.54 ID: kN 47 h 7 x r 0
What should I write about my self and PR what I worked as a student?
By the way my hobby was spending that kind of thing except going to school with games or animation

Tell me a family limited menu with meals less than 30,000 yen

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【Video】 Mason CEO, GROUPON NA Demonstration - US WSJ Japan Version - www.WSJ.com

Coupon joint purchase site of US coupon, Andrew Mason CEO of Groupon will demonstrate the coupon joint purchase conclusion site "groupup" at the D9 stand. Furthermore, he talks about the difference with Google's coupon distribution service "Google Offers".

O'Reilly Japan - The meaning of iPhone application design

Even if you think of an interesting iPhone application idea, it makes no sense unless you can do it in a form. You can not differentiate it from other applications simply by making it into a simple form. In order to succeed in the huge market called the App Store, it is necessary to make it a distinctive application with sophisticated design and effective usability. In this document, I will explain the method of creating an interface refined from the concept of the initial stage with a brief and clear principle and abundant example. Developing an iPhone application with excellent UI such as Facebook, USA Today, Twitterrific How to combine design, psychology, culture, ergonomics, usability in order to know the background behind the scenes and create apps that you want to tap unexpectedly The reader can know. In Japanese version, Fujitsu Takayuki recorded 'fladdict stream UI design' as an appendix at the end.

Create e-book "BCCKS" new service, page layout with EPUB extended specification-INTERNET Watch

Hon.jp DayWatch - "Readers pay the advance money, authored by writers" New e-book fund recruitment site "Unbound" starts service in the UK

Digi-Ichi beginners cheer: a monofocal lens starting from today (1) - a monofocal lens (1/2) that enhances "photo power" - ITmedia digital camera plus

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【2ch】 New speed quality: Sony's personal information leaked again by 1 million. Hacker "No one was encrypted, Sony is Aho"

Finally Armored Core V Closed Beta testers started recruiting. The number of recruitment is PS 3 version, Xbox 360 version 10,000 each 5000 pairs.

Sideburns Chashes:: Animation "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Third Edition Production Decision - Livedoor Blog

"ICO" and "Wanda and the Colossus" HD remake release date is decided, limited edition also appeared! - Game * Spark

Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced it for Japan domestic market when it releases HD remake for ICO, Wanda and the Colossus' PS3 for 3, 980 yen (tax included) on September 22, 2011 respectively.

【Movie / image addition】 Kojipur's E3 site is released New information full of "Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D" and "HD Edition" series - Famitsu.com

YouTube - E3 2011 KONAMI Kojima Hideo Kojima director special interview [Japanese Dubbed version]

Comic Natalie - Baka Sister Brother Mobile! Advertisement of stationery by Adachi Tetsuhara "Story of your sister"

"Okuno Odoro Obuza dead" Smash Bunko July new book is crazy - I mainly read the light novel ^ 0 ^ /

The book "Otaku Rikyanagi - All People Are Some Sort of Otaku ~" Release - INTERLINK

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Business Media Makoto: Almost full text release! The film "Social Network" talked by Otobuhyo Masa & Toru Saito (1/5)

Sharapova muscle wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www
An impossible to believe image.

A skirt of a girls junior high school student turns up at TV Tokyo morning program "Ohashi" Happening: 【2 ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

Liam Gallagher, Bob Dylan Degraded | Western Music News | RO 69 (Rock All) - Music Information Site of Rocking On

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