Samsung further counterattacks, policy to require Apple to disclose "iPad 3" and "iPhone 5"

Galaxy S "and" Galaxy Tab "are considered" blatant copies "of their products,Apple sued SamsungAnd thenSamsung will reverse Apple in Korea, Japan and Germany against patent infringement on wireless data transfer technologyAnd Apple's and Samsung's court struggle is showing a muddy appearance.

And the other day the courtSamsung ordered Samsung to disclose prototype of unreleased smartphones including "Galaxy S II" etc. to Apple, But it became clear that Samsung is a policy seeking disclosure of "iPad 3" and "iPhone 5" not yet released to Apple.

Details are as below.
Samsung's lawyers demand to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 | This is my next ...

According to this article, three cases of Smartphones "Galaxy S II", "Infuse 4 G", "Infuse 4 G (LTE Model)" and tablet terminals "Galaxy Tab 8.9" and "Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung is said to be a counterattack policy after receiving a court order that Samsung will disclose to Apple a total of five models including two models not yet released, consisting of two models.

This received not only models such as "Galaxy S" and "Galaxy Tab" released by Apple this time in the court struggle, but also including models not yet released, so that Apple prepares for further litigation underwater In preparation for the possibility of doing it, Samsung's attorney is said to intend to ask Apple to disclose an unreleased model such as "iPad 3" or "iPhone 5".

It is not yet formally requested yet, but if the court approves this request, Apple's latest terminal wrapped in an unknown veil will be disclosed to Samsung as soon as possible Does it have some influence on the product development of both companies in the future?

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