Photograph collections such as tanks and fighting machines left behind by people and rusted

It is a photobook collection of fighter planes, cruisers, tanks and the like rusted and rusted, left untouched to the battlefield after World War II and others. From any photo you can feel the peculiar melancholy by the flow of time and the powerfulness of nature that does not even have a huge machine.

Photograph collection is from the following.TheBRIGADE: Photos of vehicle remains and leftovers from WW 2: theBRIGADE

1:A rusty tank that nestles in the prairie spreading a spacious blue sky.

2:Was it written as art or graffiti? Many characters are written on the plane of this transport machine.

3:The sunken and rusting cruiser rusted is the Soviet Navy'sSuverdorof class cruiser"Mourmansk".

Four:A US military bomber that seems to have been landing in the forest "B-25".

Five:I also made an article, A fighter plane "P-38 Lightning" found at the coast of Great Britain and North Wales, which was buried in sand for 65 years.

6:Batteries covered with weeds.

7:This sideways helicopter is a relatively new impression.

8:The fishing rod extends to a decaying cruiser. It seems that it is common for a sunken ship to become a fish reef.

9:A floating in the English seaMunsell Fortress (Maunsell Forts)I think that.

Ten:A tank surrounded by tall weeds.

11:Is it an ocean base? A slightly sunset invites emotion.

12:Aircraft sinking to the bottom of the ocean may be a good playground for fish.

13:This is where the diver is approaching.

14:A piece like a scene of a movie.

15:Was it the front line? There are six German tanks in line.

16:America's known as the aircraft graveyardBourne yard (graveyard)Although it seems to be, it is an amazing number of bombers. Some are dismantled on the left side.

17:Tanks that have decayed also become a landscape with less greenery.

18:It is heavy cruiser of Japan "Aoba".

19:A picture of 'Aoba' taken from the deck.

20:The decaying sun in the deep sea "M42 Duster self-propelled aircraft gun". It seems that there are plenty of drama packed in the car body.

twenty one:It seems to have been destroyed during the duckin in the desert of Iraq "T-62".

twenty two:Is it a base built on a hill?

twenty three:Even if it rusts, a brave tank.

twenty four:A submarine that does not seem to move so much.

twenty five:A fighting machine covered with ice.

26:Tanks in the sea except for the turret.

27:Although the state seems to be relatively good, does not it move anymore?

28:The seat cover peels off the cockpit.

29:Soviet battle helicopter "Mi-24". I wonder whether it was shot, the glass is broken.

30:The decayed "Mi - 24" also looks good on black - and - white photographs.

31:Rusted, tanks that became rumbled.

32:Bourne yard in Arizona, USA. Numerous aerial transport aircraft and fighter aircraft are lining up.

33:A gun shot surrounded by barbed wire.

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