Masato Takahashi famous for "16 shots" clearly leaves Hudson, 29 years of service

In addition to becoming a game character as "Takahashi Masato's adventure island", she also appeared in the movie "GAME KING Masato Takahashi VS Mouri Musume Crash! Great Demise Fight" that depicted a confrontation with a rival master, as a pioneer of game masterpieces It was familiar with the phrase "16 shots" or "phrase" game one hour a day "Makoto TakahashiIt is clear that he will leave Hudson.

Details are as below.
Takahashi Masato OFFICIAL SITE 16 SHOT

According to Takahashi Masato's blog "16 Tsubuyaki no Tsubuyaki" in the official Hudson page updated today, Mr. Takahashi who celebrated her 52nd birthday today on May 23rd will release Hudson on May 31st I made it clear that I will leave the company.

It is said that "16 tweets of tweets" will be closed as well, and as for future, I'd like to "support the entire game industry and try hard to convey the enjoyment of the game".

Takahashi Masato joined Hudson on August 21, 1982, 29 years ago, and it was May 3, 1985 that he first stood in front of the user as "Takahashi Masato". In fact, I'm commenting on the completion of the entry for "Masato Takahashi" for 26 years as follows.

Because I came out in front of you 26 years ago from now
It seems strange that it was used as "Masato Takahashi" for over half of my life.

But, this is thanks to everyone's support.

It has been 26 years since a long time since I let you out before everyone
Having a warm cheer is a very big part of me.

The game industry will continue ...
No, not that big thing, I like the game I liked,
I hope to keep doing my best to be able to introduce to you, even a single lot.

To everyone who has supported us so far,
I am sorry I have become a sudden talk.
I hope you will continue to support Hudson in the future.

In the future, thank you.

Let's do our best day today!

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