Resolution is 16 times the full HD, "SHARP" and "NHK" developed display compatible with "Super Hi-Vision"

With the rush of replacing the LCD TV, models that correspond to full HD (resolution 1920 × 1080) are also in widespread use, but realizing 16 times the resolution of full high visionSuper Hi-Vision"Sharp and supported display has been developed by NHK.

At movie theaters etc."4K" which realized 4 times the resolution of full high visionAlthough standards called "Super Hi-Vision" are being introduced, it will be four times that further.

Details are as below.
Succeeded in developing the world's first direct high-vision compatible direct viewing 85V type liquid crystal display | News release: Sharp

According to a press release announced by Sharp and NHK in a joint name, it seems that he succeeded in developing an 85-inch liquid crystal display corresponding to "Super Hi-Vision" which is a next generation television broadcasting service. This is the world's first achievement with direct view display.

Super Hi-Vision has been researching and developing since 1995 as "Super High-Definition Visual System" which exceeds the current Hi-Vision, and is currently undergoing research and development aiming for test broadcasting in 2020. The resolution of about 33 million pixels (width 7680 × height 4320 dots) corresponding to 16 times the high vision realizes overwhelming presence and powerful image expression.

This is the display developed this time. The screen size is about 1.9 m × 1.05 m, which is very large.

In order to realize this technologySharp's liquid crystal technology "UV 2 A"Has been adopted, furthermore super high definition and high image quality display is possible based on know-how on NHK's super Hi-Vision etc. Ultrahigh definition video on the big screen gives the viewer a feeling of immersion and seems to be able to experience the virtual reality experience as if it is in the display.

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