The smell of rearing full of animation? Light novel "I have few friends" decided to make TV animation

Light Novel series published from Media Factory's MF Bunko JI do not have many friends(Common name: not hanging) "will be converted into TV animation.

Advertisement is posted on the Asahi Shimbun and the Yomiuri Shimbun when announcing the making of TV animation with the popular series of 2 million copies accumulated by 5 volumes already published (6 volumes released on May 25).

Details are as below.
I do not have many friends

I decided not to have TV animation! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! | MF Bunka J editorial blog

I bought a newspaper at once. This is the morning newspaper of the Asahi Shimbun May 18.

An advertisement that announces the decision to make a TV animation of "I have few friends" is posted on the bottom of 4 faces.

Illustration is Crescent Moon Night Sky (CV:Marya Inoue) Things.

"There is no smell of" Rear Chika "..." ... "There are lines of speech ..." but there is a comment botheringly expressing that "Real life is fulfilling" to "rearier".

This is the Yomiuri Shimbun May 18 morning edition.

Also advertisement is posted on the bottom of the 4 sides.

Kana Kashiwazaki (CV:Kanoe Ito) "You may let me listen to my beautiful voice!"

As well as a CD drama released on May 25, Cast is a hero's Hatasegawa Kotaka roleRyohei Kimura, Mikazuki Yaori role is Mari Inoue, Kana that Kana Kashiwazaki is Kaname Ito, role of Kusunori YukimuraYamamoto hope, Shikuma science professorMisato Fukuneen, Mr. Hatasegawa KobatachiHanazawa Kana, Takayama Maria roleYuka Iguchi.

By the way, reading the QR code of the newspaper advertisement makes it possible to receive the limited arrival voice of each character.

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