15 kinds of inventive items that do not require such things as "a place to place an egg on the subway" or "a smell of the buttocks"

Although there is a proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention", the human brain does not seem to necessarily invent only what is needed. It is a human being who has kept producing unnecessary things in the shadows of great inventions such as phones and airplanes,"Place where you can place an egg on the subway"Ya"A shotgun with a sprayer that can shoot while plowing a field"There were a number of inventions that had to feel doubt about its practicality, such as, etc. were summarized.

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1: Dumbbell cane

Wand which can also be used as a dumbbell is said to have appeared in the early 1900's. It is just a heavy cane, but I do not want people who are short-lived to carry such things with them.

2:Wine glass grip

Many people may have experienced that wine glasses are too thin and difficult to hold, but enjoying without breaking the wine's atmosphere while using this grip will have better wine glasses I feel like it is more difficult.

3: Artificial testicles for castrated dogs

There are many dogs that are castrated to avoid mating with stray dogs and mating with stray dogs, but it seems that dogs who check their own testicles properly are probably unusual, I have no choice but to feel doubt about the need to put it.

4: Handkerchief to hide the cleavage of the chest

For those who say that gaze gathered in the valley of the chest is anxious, a handkerchief that makes it easy to hide the valley appears. But for men it may be completely unnecessary. The lower movie is an explanation of actual usage, although it is explanation in English, how to use is obvious at a glance.

YouTube - Cami Secret Parody (Boob Apron)

Five:Deodorizing the buttocks

This is a deodorant that sticks to the buttocks to prevent bad smell. Apparently it seems to be a countermeasure against farts, there are neither former nor children as long as you give out the sound.

6:Cat's wigs

Although it is hard to imagine what kind of thing it is if you ask only "cat's wigs"Sites that actually sellApparently it seems that it is not much different from that of human beings. I feel that it is nothing but a nuisance for cats, but is it selling?

7: Dog bag for car

A bag that puts a dog in a car that appeared in the 1950's. When you take a dog with you in the car, let 's put it in the car properly.

8:Rubber finger sticker attached when touching touch panel

Fingerprints will always arrive when you operate your smartphone with bare hands, but good news for those who can not tolerate this fingerprint. Rubber gloves with only fingers appeared.

9: Place where you can place an egg on the subway

It is not unusual to ride a train and not have any seats available and you will encounter a situation where you fight against a sleep while standing but you can sleep while standing on that occasion if you do so. "It is sold only in Japan, Japan is the only country that is not funny to use this," although it is written in the original article, apparently the Japanese commuter train situation has been exaggerated and transmitted It seems to be.

Ten:Fork with pizza cutter

It is a very useful wheel type pizza cutter when eating pizza, but there is no need to stick together with the fork and it is rather disturbing.

11: Shotgun with a sprayer shooting while plowing the field

It is what I invented in 1826, but I do not want to work on dangerous farms that need to always have a shotgun.

12: Fork with alarm

A fork with an alarm tells me that it measures the time it took from the eye to the eyes. It seems like you know what to do with such a thing, or rather information you do not want to know if you can. It was 1995 that the patent was acquired.

13: helicopter injection seat escape device

Normally, there are no devices on the helicopter to eject seats and escape, but the Russian Army's"Ka-50"It seems that there is a device for injecting seats after blowing up the rotor with explosives. After all, this specification gives a sense of insecurity to the operation side, which led to the commercial failure of Ka - 50, so there seems to be some things that seems to be necessary at first glance is not necessarily true.

14: Prostate warmer

It seems to be a device for warming and stimulating the prostate gland of a man, but it is a shape that makes me want to finish my life without using it if I can.

15: Energization automatic rejection box

Probably the world's most useless machineAs GIGAZINE once became an article, a box that turns itself off when turning on the power. There is somewhat strange love and it is a machine that does not stand a good but want a little bit,

YouTube - Solarbotics Useless Machine 1.1 Bundle

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