I tried drinking "Sawawaka Sudichi", a plastic bottle drink made from Tokushima prefecture

The other dayMachi ★ Asobi vol.6At a convenience store where you stopped by when you went to, "Tokushima Prefecture's rice made from here is used"Refreshing ruffles"I found a drink called"

Sushi is rather strong fruit accompanied by grilled fish etc, but I was worried about what kind of taste it is when used for drinks, so I bought it and tried it to try it.

Details are as below.Top Page | KinKi Sign of Tea, Soft Drink Maker Co., Ltd.

"Sawawaka Sushi" (126 yen including tax). The content volume is 280 ml, and it is a small size as a soft drink.

Illustration of rustic ruined stuff. It is 3% fruit juice.

Because it is 40 kcal per 100 ml, even if you drink everything, it is 112 kcal and the calories there are not high.

Raw material names are sugar, pudding fruit juice, fructose, flavor, acidulant, vitamin C.

I changed it to a cup. It is almost transparent color.

After drinking a bite, the sweetness that seems to be the flavor of sugar and the flavor close to that of the yuzu drink that was well sold during the winter came out before, and after swallowing, I felt the peculiar sourness and bitterness as soon as possible It was. I did not feel such a big difference between the product using Yuzu because it was not emphasized as sour taste as expected, but the smell of fragrance that fragrant afterwards is certainly refreshing according to the name of the product and it will be hot in the coming season It was a perfect flavor.

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