A strangely realistic "youkai mummy" shoots up, in a different space where one side is doubtful

Strangely realistic with considerable high qualityMummies of Kappa"Or"Mermaid mummy","First mummy"And a variety of unusual youkai mummies including a variety of different mysterious gazehowsThe 50th Shizuoka Hobby ShowSuddenly appeared in the "22nd Modeler Club Joint Work Exhibition" of the Festival.

Realistic youkai mummies, which seems to be crying out if small children have seen, studied the social background of the Edo period, and are produced only with the materials and techniques that were available at the time.

Heterogeneous youkai mummies are from the following.Maeshima Tetsuya work collection

"Century's Youkai Mummy Show" venue that exists in the 22nd Modeler Club Joint Art Exhibition.

From the signboard there will be something funny and boggy.

A mummy mummy feels like a mysterious creature launched to the beach. In addition, all the youkai mummies are produced by Tetsuya Majima, a creative aboriginal, is made by the method "wood carving husk coloring technique".

This is "Mummy of Kappa". It is tied to something like a box.

Expression of the skin is really real "Mikami of the three sides demon".

It is a "first mummy" that was rolling gently.

Cotton is packed in the neck.

A unique posture is impressive "Small demon's mummy".

Some items were cloth wrapped.

When asking Mr. Maejima to open the cloth, there was a mummy like a mermaid.

Two faces are stuck together.

Next time here.

Kaeda sitting (Keikasu)Youkai mummies that are organizing.

Next is here.

It is a youkai who predicts the disaster.

It is the end.

It was a mummy of atmosphere such as mysterious marine life.

This isAIt's like a feathered youkai mummy.

Mizuki shigeruYoukai who are likely to appear in the work.

Several other suspicious things were also exhibited.

Also, depending on the time of day, Tetsuya Majima of the creative aboriginal himself is going to do a show, this is a performance.

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