A cat trying to lick a whole body with little milk remaining in the cup

It is a movie fighting cats in desperate fashion to manage some lilting milk left in the cup.

The cup was of an elongated type, and the cat's face was in a state that it was unlikely to enter, but cats aim at slight milk using various hands. Could it be possible to catch this cat safely milk safely?

How cats desperately fight with cup is from below.YouTube - Kitty Licks Milk Until the Last Drop

One cat came in front of a brown glass cup. Only a little milk remains in the bottom of the cup.

First I try putting my forefoot a little, but I have not reached the bottom in the first place.

Next, I will thrust my nose into the cup to screw my face.

Even though we pull out the technique combined with the forefoot, it is not likely to reach the place where milk is gathered.

If so, I will start scooping the bottom of the glass with a cunken how to attack from the opposite side.

However, as expected it is understood that it is impossible to approach from the bottom, I went back to the mouth of the cup earlier, and I tried to push my face more powerfully than before.

It is clearly impossible but the face is steadily going into the cup.

Something has already become something like a different kind of creatures, but regardless of such things, the cat puts out a tongue outward and takes off the milk. It is ridiculous obsession.

After enjoying a single milk, the cat twists his body a little ......

I shook my head and blew away the cup. It seems that worrying that "maybe you can not take it with your face caught" was useless. Although the movement is a dynamic cat every time, it seems to be satisfied because I could taste the milk that I managed for.

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