Kyoto Tsuruya tea ceremony "Tsuruya special-made matcha tea parfait" has all the taste up by one rank, not just a parfait

Even if parfait is said, there are many things, but usually after the middle stage "becoming a taste of everything mixed", I get tired of eating extreme stories, but in Osaka · Kyoto Tsuruya's new business style "Kyoto Tsuruya tea" of a well-established restaurant established in Kitahama "Tsuruya special matcha tea parfait"It seems to be literally" special-made ", especially when I tried to eat it, it seemed like a feature that changed with this seemingly seemingly, but when I try to eat it is a normal parfa with feeling" ......? " I was drawing a line.

So, the contents of the taste review are as follows.
Kyoto Tsuru House - JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan

Japanese Cafe Kyoto Tsuruya Chao | Store Details | Restaurant · Cafe | Osaka Station City

The location is Osaka Station City JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan 6th Floor

There is a menu at the store. "Vine house specially made matcha parfait" is 1260 yen. It is high comparatively.

To the inside of the shop. There are seats of various patterns. This is a sofa type.

Compartment type

Common types such as coffee shops

Waiting for a while, "Vine house specially made matcha tea parfa" appeared

Spare and orthodox type, what is "special made" is not imaichi unknown.

First of all I will look at it from the surface.

Matcha ice cream

Matcha like a green tea pudding

This one is like black honey jelly

Strawberry and mint leaves

Vanilla Icecream


Discover puffs when looking at the other side


Shizudaya's black bean

Furthermore grain bricks to be buried in the center part.

In order to see the layer below it after the surface layer

From the top it seems to be Matcha Cream, Mango Pudding · Matcha Sponge Cake · Fresh Cream.

It is a matcha parfait somehow looks faithful to the basics, but let's see what kind of taste it is in fact. First of all, powdered green tea puddings + grain pudding + matcha creams.

First of all, the impact at the time of this first mouth is quite large, and if it is a regular parfait, it is "Matcha Pudding + Granny + Matcha Cream = Mixed taste", but this parfait is clearly due to the strong taste of each material "The sweetness of the grain comes after the green tea pudding's matcha taste and sweetness comes, then it feels like a creamy taste and sweetness of the green tea cream," similar to the mixed taste Although it may be there, obviously I feel a difference in how to taste.

Next is Matcha ice + white ball + puff + mint.

I noticed at this stage that perhaps the direction of each sweetness is slightly shifted little by little. "Green tea taste and sweetness" of Matcha ice cream is clearly different from the "Matcha Pudding" part of the previous time, and such a thing is commonplace though it is common, but it is "discrimination so much that you can understand by just eating it It is quite unusual for me to say that "it has been made." Puffs work like resting the tongue while giving a change in the texture, and the scent of mint further enhances the flavor of ice.

Digging up in tone, we unearthed Matcha's sponge cake and mango pudding. Fresh cream is also involved.

This green tea sponge cake is supposed to be the same "green tea flavor", but in addition to changing the texture with "purine" "cream" "ice" and "sponge cake", the sweetness level Because it changes little by little, I feel a strange feeling that I feel the direction by a combination of the taste of Matcha and the strength of sweetness. As for the role of mango pudding, like the mint of the surface layer, in the atmosphere that reinforces the taste of what is combined in reverse by adding a scent, in this case the taste of the matcha of the sponge cake of Matcha, more fragrance I make it compact.

Agar appeared from the bottom layer. It is finished with comparatively elastic agar, and when we are eating parfait, other taste goes down from the top and the other taste goes down down and it usually seems to be considerably diluted seasonally in anticipation of becoming mixed, This agar clearly makes a taste of this agar itself and is acting to make a change.

Particularly blatant is the part of strawberries, strawberries are "somewhat sour" if it is a regular parfait, but this strawberry is sweet blatantly, anyway sweet. As soon as I ate it, it says "Damn! Anyway, I felt strongly the intention of consistently "not enjoying the harmony of all materials" but "intensifying the sweetness and texture of each material". Simply put, the level of each material feels a little higher than the material level used for a common parfaita, so as a result, "I feel a sense of high-classness deviating from the conceptual category of past parfait" The image. Therefore, rather than "sweet" rather than "thick" comes better, I love parfait! Even if you eat sweet things just fine! Quality better than quantity! It is for those who say.

In addition, as I watched once again after covering up here and there, the guesses were also lined up.

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