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12 volumes (including 8.5 volumes and 9.5 volumes) that have been published from Media Factory's MF Bunko J were published, and light novels made into an animated television from October to December 2010Mr. Akonomi Matsuno, the original creator of "Ehmemy!", Suddenly died on 18th AprilWas announced today. I pray for your soul.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Apple products disappear one after another from every mail-order site, what exactly is happening - GIGAZINE

What is the "Authorized Japan Apple Reseller Agreement" that Apple products can not be sold, except for the retailers that have signed up? - GIGAZINE

Where on earth are the limits for borrowed cars running on public roads? - GIGAZINE
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A movie that motivates muscle treasure when you see - tsundaowata information

A Chinese diary diary: Somehow Hen's Kanji
For Chinese people, eating dumplings and ramen at the same time means "a small rice ball with sandwich on it".

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Prestigious Mejiro Farm Dissolution In recent years the performance felt "Limited to management" - Horse racing · Public management - ZAKZAK
Affiliation(Fall of 1970),Welcome(Spring of 1971),Mejiro Titan(Autumn of 1982),Mejiro McQueen(Spring 1991, spring 1992),Mediroburite(Spring 1998) and the 5th Emperor Award horses sent out and the "Mejiro farm" called "Long Distance Mejiro" is expected to dissolve by the end of May.

Quez Mall opening business Osaka · Abeno, 2200 people queue: Sankei Kansai (Official News website of Sankei Shimbun Osaka head office)

CNN.co.jp: The world's biggest economic power, after five years to China? IMF prospect

East Japan great earthquake: "Face is cooler than water ..." Child with disaster affected diary - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

Fake ED remedy: consciousness disorder by net purchase Nara - Everyday jp (Mainichi newspaper)

NEIT Bulletin VIB: Senior engineer "We can not let the young guys do it" launched a project to prevent nuclear power outbreak

Sukiya single winning beef dumpling war, depending on TPP one cup 200 yen | nikkei BPnet

As long as you see the results, after all, Sukiyasu, the price leader, is a runner-up. Zensho who runs the favorite house is expected to replace the Japanese Macdonald Holdings which was everyday eating out in 2011 so that the new top position will be put in hand. With the market size of food service companies declining by about 4 trillion yen from 29 trillion yen to 25 trillion yen over the past two decades, Zhenshaw rapidly increased to 20 times sales at the same time.

Job hunting activities NHK news stays in student afflicted areas

Free accommodation is provided at "National Olympics Memorial Youth Center" in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo and "Labor Univ." In Asaka, Saitama Prefecture. What students are able to use is a student living in a disaster area and currently hiring jobs and graduates since 2009. From the 28th of this month, the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center will be available from the 10th of next month and the reservation will be accepted from the 26th.

Current affairs dot com: "Prosecutor's misreading mistake" = criticism of investigation and trial - Horie defendant before the Supreme Court decision

Why the judge trial is limited only to the violent case. We should introduce a jury system and expand to all incidents, so that the defendant can choose whether it is a jury trial or a judge trial. I wanted the jury to judge my trial as well.

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Bad people did not come - Resident Early training materials

It feels good to hit and people who hit often look smart. People hit and tap, people who have been turning the scene are sent off, and those who hit the battle became leadership leaders, the site solidifies. It will take years, perhaps, until it gathers and starts moving again.

Four guidelines for honing motivated girls 'ability to appeal a woman who can not eat omelet rice' etc. Be Wise Be Happy Pouch [Pouch]

At that moment, your girls' power will be up. Surely the man pledges in mind that "What a gentle angel it is like! I will absolutely get on! Koits is my woman!" And you should fall in love with you.

If you carry out all what is written in this article you will feel like things getting worse.

I want to tell the 3rd graders who will start moving from now on 6 iron rules that survive the huge change job hunting 【The first part】 | Everyone's hunting Job diary Ishiwata Ringji | Diamond Online

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Google, offering "Instant Search" even in Japan - Displaying results during input - CNET Japan

On April 26, Google started offering "instant search" function that changes search results in real time every time you enter keywords.

Twitter company appoints Mr. James Mr. Masakazu Kondo to Japan - Japan Real Time - WSJ

This is my first time that Twitter appointed a representative of a foreign corporation. It is Twitter who is sweeping the most part of the whole world, but it seems that plans to further expand the business in the future and to provide service functions specialized in the Japanese market.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Mikoto End Bassara also deals with self-bankruptcy theater animation

In 2008, in the entrustment of the TV animation series "Apple Seed Genesis", trouble occurred mutually with the production order company. It is a form in which the company's weakness that does not produce itself appears.
Also from June this year, we planned to launch the theatrical release, video package, online distribution of the new series "Apple Seed XIII" which was newly re-partitioned. However, the company was unable to keep up with the recovery of its funds. With regard to "Apple Seed XIII", it is expected that the project will continue with a new framework in the future.

404 Blog Not Found: There are both miracles and magic - work review - Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica

"Masako" of "highest" to "worst" "law work". At that time, viewers will get a lot more excitement than ever. As a bottom line, in the future we will not be able to speak of stories and works, without seeing this work.

Togetter - "The misunderstanding of" Change yourself if you are dissatisfied with society ", walking alone as a dialogue

Regarding the famous dialogue of Kusanagi's element that "If you are dissatisfied with society change yourself", I thought that you might be walking alone away from what she originally said.
She said that she did not criticize trying to obtain welfare without fulfilling its obligations.

What is the author of the 2011 bookstore Grand Prize winning work "After solving mystery after dinner?" - Trend - Nikkei Trendy Net

This is Paris corle in gourmet world! Is it? Ultimate rice ball game battle "All Japan rice ball game": a Black Leaf

Deciding who is the best rice ball in Japan It is manga that tells the pattern of 'All Japan rice ball championship' is 'One knife Mitsutaro'. It is one of the big locksmanship gourmet manga, together with "kitchen knit taste flat" and "super glutton" in the work of Professor Big Tsutsu who is introducing persistently at our site.

Animation preferred by advanced animation animation: Digital news thread
It is difficult to cover all works because there are so many broadcasting works now

"Soul Calibur" New title's newest details announced in mid-May? - Game * Spark

Comic Natalie - Movie & Shima are resurrected! "Psychometer" started serialization at Yang Maga

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Hi-STANDARD, Live?! September 18 "AIR JAM" held announcement! | Japanese music news | RO 69 (Aaru Rock) - Music information site of rocking on

Hi-STANDARD three people released a statement on twitter. At the same time, 3 people are "9.18 High Standard AIR JAM. Delivery !!!" at the same time.

Jazz is a beginner, but what should I listen to? Alley Music War

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