Japanese version of "Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)" finally started delivery, I downloaded it

Originally scheduled to be available from 13:00 on March 15,Distribution of Japanese version only was postponed under the influence of the Great East Japan EarthquakeMicrosoft's latest browser "Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)The official version of "is finally available for download.

"Implementing faster and more efficient browsing work" "Efficiency of power consumption improved by effective use of hardware", "Optimized for user interface of Windows 7", "Improvement of safety, privacy", etc. It seems that the function has been brushed up and has become a newly added browser.

Download "Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)" from below.Internet Explorer Download - Microsoft Windows

To download IE 9, select the version of Windows in the above page and click "Download Now".

Click on the downloaded icon to start the installation.

A jiwiwa and a green bar move like this.

After installation of language pack it is a little more to completion.

Installation is completed. Restarting the PC is necessary to use IE 9. To use it immediately, click "Restart Now".

After rebooting, start IE.

Then, it will be a simple screen like this. This is the "Internet Explorer 9" interface.

When I try to display the menu bar, it looks like this.

I tried to see GIGAZINE.

version information.

In addition, "Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)" can also be downloaded by version from the following link.

·Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7

·Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 64-bit Edition and Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Edition

·Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista 64-bit Edition and Windows Server 2008 64-bit Edition

·Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Automatic updating to beta version and RC version users will be done at a later date, and then Windows Update will notify the target user of version upgrade.

The new function by this version upgrade is explained on the following page.

New in Internet Explorer 9 - Microsoft Windows

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