While Westerners go to work in China, the millionaires of Chinese want to escape to foreign countries

Currently following the United States due to unprecedented economic growth Second in the worldA country with many millionaireAlthough it is China that has become Western, many business people in Western countries cross China to seek opportunities, while many Chinese of "emerging rich" who were born and raised in China and made goods in China, If you buy what you can buy it seems that you want a nationality of another country. "

Indeed, there are many countries that have introduced the "selling nationality" system, in other words, they are allowed to live by investing heavily in the economy of the country they want to move to, so that they can eventually obtain citizenship, and already escape from China We have many rich people who have done it.

Details are as below.Rich Chinese consider leaving China - Telegraph

Boston consultancy companyBain & CompanyHas investigated 2,600 rich people in China, 60% of Chinese with an asset value of more than 10 million dollars (about 820 million yen) have been "money nationality and permanent residence rights of other countries by money" Have you considered to buy it already?ImmigrantAnd it has become clear that we have acquired nationality by various means.

Countries that are introducing the "selling citizenship" system in hopes of capital inflow into their own economies are many in Western countries, and the immigration laws of each country basically come to "make money"Foreign workersIt is locked out, but it seems that it is made with the stance that foreign investors who come to use money warmly welcome ".

In the UK, for example, opening an account in a bank in the UK and granting 1 million pounds (about 136 million yen) deposits will allow migration.AustraliaPurchase of 1.5 million Australian dollars (about 132 million yen) of government bonds,AmericaHe invested US $ 1 million (about 82 million yen) in American companies,CanadaWith an investment of 800,000 Canadian dollars (about 69.2 million yen)Permanent residencyIs obtained.

For countries that are facing a high unemployment rate, even if they are willing to reject foreign workers who deprive them of their jobs, they should capitalize on the country's economy, invest in companies, start a new business on their own Foreign investors who create employment by themselves are very grateful. The total asset amount, age, work history, etc. entered the examination standards, and it became possible to apply for citizenship and permanent residence only after living for a long time, although the details of the system differ depending on each country, Countries that have items in the meaning of "being wealthy" together with "Nobel laureates are candidates", "People who stand for missing labor force," "Refugee" There are many, of course, that you can recognize the abilities and achievements that you have earned that money in your life so far, but "Nationality and citizenship can be purchased with moneyIt is the fact that it is said that.

On the other hand, why do Chinese good people who want to move their assets out of the country and want to leave from China say that "For children's educationIt is said that the reason that it was mentioned as a top was mentioned. In fact, the number of children educated abroad is increasing at a pace of 20% per year, and now 230,000 Chinese national students and students go to schools outside the country.

Although it seems that there is also economic power to send children from young to overseas boarding schools if they are as much asset as "able to buy nationality", even if they can buy nationality even if they buy nationality, I wonder if you want to get high quality education while living with your child.

Also,"For rich old age"There are also many rich people who wish to migrate outside China. In China, where the population of disposable assets of 1 million pounds (about 136 million yen) or more is expected to reach 585,000 (nearly twice the 2008 level) in China, after retiring from work, "life There is an increasing number of people who can pay as much money as buying permanent residence as the price of a long vacation until they finish.

The balance between supply and demand is also working on the price of nationality and permanent residence and citizenship, and in Canada and Australia, the total asset amount which is one of the examination standards of immigrants recently has been lifted by double amendment due to law amendment I will.

For celebrities from China, "The path where first love cameSince the pretty debut at "The world's most popular actressZhang ZiyiAnd "Farewell, My Love / Another Princess"At the Cannes Film Festival Palm DoleChen KaikoDirector, world pianistRun and runEtc, are already away from mainland China.

"Farewell, my love / another princess princess" or "Assassination of the Emperor"ofKon LiIt is said that he also acquired Singaporean nationality by marriage in 2008.

While movie people who are called "represent China" have already ceased to be Chinese citizens, they are from Hong Kong and live in the USA for a long timeJackie ChanRecently, CM appearance in China occupies most of revenue, it seems that emphasis is placed on career in the Chinese market. Jackie Chan's son born in the United StatesJaycee ChanWhen I was a child I had dual citizenship, but when I was an adult (Return Hong KongI am selecting Chinese citizenship.

Since long ago China Town existed all around the world and a strong community of Chinese natives has been made for many years but no matter where in the world it abandons Chinese citizenship, there is a sense of belonging to ethnicity and "China Perhaps the sticking attitude of love and hate towards the country of "It does not disappear.

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