Reduced power consumption of smartphones and tablets, Sharp developed liquid crystal panel adopting "oxide semiconductor"

When thinking about using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals with a gun gun on the go, the most powerful thing is the power consumption of the display.

Although it seems that some users say that "Battery lasts longer if you lower the brightness of the display", Sharp is using "oxide semiconductors" for smart phones and tablet terminals, low power consumption We have developed a liquid crystal panel.

The above photo was developed by Sharp, a smart phone equipped with the same super high resolution liquid crystal display as "Retina Display" adopted by Apple iPhone 4 "IS03"is.

Details are as below.
Small Medium Liquid Crystal Panel Employing Oxide Semiconductor Practices for the First Time in the World | News Release: Sharp

According to Sharp 's press release, the company has developed the world' s first high - performance medium - and small - sized liquid crystal panel adopting oxide semiconductor (IGZO).

This was developed through collaborative development with the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, and the practical application of a thin film transistor using an oxide semiconductor, which is a new material, makes it possible to miniaturize a transistor, and the amount of light transmission per pixel It has made it possible to reduce power consumption by raising it.

Moreover, by controlling the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules developed by Sharp with high precision, the photo alignment technology which raises the contrast ratio to 5000: 1 corresponding to 1.6 times of the conventional one "UV2A technologyBy adopting, display quality is also improved. We are planning to start producing this year by utilizing the existing line of the Kameyama No. 2 factory and to realize a line with high efficiency and cost competitiveness by the 8th generation mother glass.

The Kameyama No. 2 factory, which began operation in August 2006, has produced liquid crystal panels for televisions, but we will also produce state-of-the-art small and medium-sized liquid crystals in the future, and will continue to manufacture liquid crystal panels that utilize proprietary production technology We are announcing that we will evolve as the world's most advanced factory.

About the display adopted by the new iPhone that is scheduled to be released next year, the fact that the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun made a report saying "We will change the schedule to invest in two companies, narrow the investment in Toshiba only by removing the sharp" ,Sharp announced protestIs this announcement related to this mobile terminal display related to this matter?

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