Weakness type font "llama font" which makes every phrase stupid feeling

It lives in the Andean Region of South AmericaLlamaIs an animal of the camelid family that is wonderfully loved in the United States, but the font that expresses the alphabet by such llamas is "Llama font"is.

Since it is converted only by inputting a character string on the site, it is easy to install without unnecessary installation, but anyway, there is something that is noticeable in its weakness.

About "llama font" which becomes a phrase with no sense of tension at all whatever it writes from the following.Llama font - say it in llama

When entering characters in the text box on the site, those strings are converted to "llama font" and displayed. I will try "GIGAZINE" for testing. By the way, "llama font" corresponds only to the alphabet, it does not seem to distinguish upper case letters and lower case letters.

To say that it is lovely distinctive cuteness or stupidity is attractive, but to speak frankly, it may be difficult to read except "A" ... ...

To save the created character string, click the "SAVE IT" button at the bottom right of the page. When you hover the cursor, the button changes to "LLAMAFY". It seems to be a coined word "to make it llama".

Then, a dedicated URL dedicated to the typed character string is displayed. You can share it on Facebook and Twitter.

According to the author, 'llama font' is the best to convey bad news. "When you have to tell a bad news to your family,HelveticaI give a cold impression. Also, when you have to confess something,Times New RomanThen you may get rude. Let's use the llama font in such a scene ", and it appeals the merit of unique" llama font ".

Why did you think that "Llama" as a subject of the font again? The author states that "Llama will make everything turn in a good direction". For example, posted sorrowful scenes of funerals and things that caused you to slurp the llamas into composites with intense surgery. While slightly forcibly, certainly I feel like the air on the spot loosens.

Visibility is a jokes font which is nearly zero, but because the unique atmosphere is attractive, it might be a good idea to send a small message using this font to a friend who can communicate with jokes.

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