Psychiatric disorders such as depression are pointed out that passive smoking may cause children's ADHD


Childs who are exposed to the condition of second-hand smoke, whose parents are smokers and inhale cigarette sidestream smoke,Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Studies have shown that there is a high proportion of complaints of symptoms such as depression and depression.

Sidestream smoke can affect not only the body but also the mental state, so it has been confirmed that there were children who developed not only ADHD but also psychiatric disorders such as depression .

Research results on passive smoking and mental health of children are as follows.Secondhand smoke may affect kids' mental health | Reuters

The Archives of Pediatrics & amp; Adolescent MedicineAccording to the studies published above, children under the influence of second-hand smoke are more likely to cause mental and behavioral disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This research was conducted by Professor Frank Bandiera of the Miami University College of Medicine, who gathered approximately 3000 data from 8 to 15 year old children and gave out a nationwide average sample.

In research, children are possessedCotinineWe measured the amount of. Cotinine is a substance made when nicotine contained in cigarette smoke enters the body, and by measuring this, it is possible to confirm how much smoke of cigarette has entered into the body. Children with too much detection of cotinine were excluded from the study as their children themselves were smokers.

Then I tried interviewing children studied and recorded the contents. It seems that boys exposed to secondhand smoke were more likely to have ADHD, depression, anxiety disorder than children who did not smoke. In addition, a similar listening study was conducted on girls, and there was a strong sign of ADHD and anxiety disorder in children who were under second hand smoke.

Of the approximately 3000 children, there were 201 people who showed signs of ADHD, but 24 people actually diagnosed at the hospital and the disease name was confirmed was 24, and the breakdown was diagnosed as depression It is said that 15 children, 9 children who were diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Also, in addition to the experimental results, predictions were also added that if a pregnant mother was smoking a cigarette, the possibility that the child might cause a behavior disorder would be high. Passive smoking seems to be a factor of children's heart and respiratory obstacles as well.

Researchers acknowledge that this investigation method can not distinguish whether the passive smoking of a child is due to the smoking of a mother at the time of a fetus, or whether she suffered sidestream smoke after birth.

Dr. Jonathan Samet of the University of Southern California Medical School pointed out that research on how passive smoking affects the brains of children is also necessary, and this research alone suggests that behavioral and psychiatric disorders in children and parent smoking Criticized as insufficient to prove that it has a correlation. However, Dr. Samet also stated that parents of children should not allow smoking and should deal with children so that they are not exposed to second-hand smoke.

Also, Dr. Bruce Lanphear of the Cincinnati Children's and Environmental Sanitation Center says, "We must prevent precisely about children's behavioral disorder.While the cause of inducing the disorder is known, It is because it is in a state that I can not remove it. " As Dr. Lanphear, like Dr. Samet, mentioning that there is no definitive evidence on the correlation between passive smoking and child's mental health, it is unlikely that the two phenomena will be totally unrelated I will.

Research was also conducted in 2007 to prove similar contentsSometimes, it seems that no evidence of a definitive hit has been found. It seems necessary to have definitive evidence to eliminate passive smoking in the home, so further research is awaited.

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