SOFTBANK MOBILE launches a packet discount plan "Packeted all flat for for smartphone", three companies side by side at packet charges

SOFTBANK MOBILE announced that it will launch a new "Packetized All Flat for Smartphone" while KDDI launches an inexpensive packet flat rate plan such as "IS flat" and NTT DoCoMo "Pake-hodai flat".

As a result, NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank Mobile are listed side by side at packet charges.

Details are as below.
New packet flat rate service for smartphones launched | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to SOFTBANK MOBILE 's press release, the company is planning to start providing packet flat - rate "Packetized Flat for Smartphone", a monthly charge of 5460 yen, for smartphones from May 1st.

"Unlimited Packet Flat for Smartphone" is a packet flat-rate service that packet communication becomes all-you-can-use at 5460 yen / month, high-capacity contents such as e-mail and Internet connection, electronic books, video contents, etc. concerned about communication charges It can be used with confidence without doing.

Fare image. The maximum amount will be 525 yen lower than before, and will be in line with NTT docomo and KDDI.

Currently SOFTBANK MOBILE offers a packet flat-rate service "Packeted Unlimited S for Smartphone" in two stages (390 yen to 5985 yen) for smartphones, but one packet from Monday, April 11, 2011 It is said that the communication fee per unit will be revised from 0.084 yen to 0.0525.

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