Headline news on 11th April 2011

A major retail chain under the umbrella of Walmart,Seiyu emergency imports of about 1.1 million batteries from the USAAnnounced. We already sold about 350,000 AAA - AAA batteries from April 1st (Friday) as the first step.

Also, on April 15 (Friday), we plan to sell a total of 720,000 single batteries, 480,000 single batteries and 240 AA batteries widely used as batteries for flashlights etc. as the second bullet As a result, the shortage of chronic batteries may be improved even a little.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Pictures you think you should take care when riding a bus in China Various - GIGAZINE

Real target for sniper training using Segway - GIGAZINE

Test that understands whether you are a beautiful person of your heart or a desperate person - GIGAZINE
◆ Story (memo · various others)
The nuclear power plant young girl ☆ Down episode 9

TEPCO "Can I come in? I have a story."

Fukushima Prefecture "I was alive ... what the dangerous kitchen said is true?"

TEPCO "It is not wrong enough to correct it,"

Fukushima Prefecture "Well, have you built a nuclear power to make everyone an atomic bomb?"

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Sewing sewing set clearly Warota wwwwwwwwww - Livedoor blog

It is fashionable that the chief of Yamaguchi-gumi is fashionable [with image]: it was awesome

Pictures that the staff's malice is felt! It is! Los Angeles Days 801

Waranote: grandfather bought Harry Potter's Pacific Monster and became a family conference

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: 【With Image】 Paste the most echoed image in this East Japan great earthquake

Mie's hottest sun / delusive everyday

VIPPER I: Tell us something that can be used on the Mac

4 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of the Nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/04 (Monday) 08: 24: 55.49 ID: b9jUkB1T0
If you say water please give me water

7 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] Post date: 2011/04/04 (Monday) 08: 25: 31.93 ID: lMu1wD5dO
You can pull out pickles

10 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/04 (Monday) 08: 26: 09.72 ID: Sj4qtgvb0
Can you ask for ketchup when you order potato?

The half way acquaintance is tough | Life hackchannel 2

Magical happy news 【help me】 she is going out I can not contact ('· ω · `)

1: Below, VIP will be sent to you as nameless and will be sent: 2011/04/07 (Thur) 10: 29: 13.47 ID: 3eDZtiqF0

I do not know because I do not have a relationship.
From her just dating yesterday
E-mail not to finish e-mail
I can not contact you though
What can be considered ('· ω · `)?
Case? Cheating? accident? Are you trying me?
Please advise because there is no romance experience.

A story I thought that something is strange - G.A.W.

I started thinking about this like an earthquake. I think many people who thought about by the earthquake did not depend on anything. But I noticed it while I was writing, but I thought that it is the most difficult to think, actually thinking something from the earthquake as a trigger. Of course, I think there are many fields in the world that you must learn from "what has happened" (for example, those studying earthquakes and tsunamis), but in me there was an earthquake → "I served" is not convinced by the flow. I am 100% well-informed that there are so many things that it is only so, but I still can not accept it. Including yourself. I do not put in self-regulation. Be self-president, then I do not know where to go next.

【Image】 When all the world's beautiful girls are made busy ......

Picture of mountain of mushroom and village of bamboo shoots Please fight Papa

[Video] A dolphin and a cat with a love affair to kiss the face with a mess

【Movie】 Cute Roulette site which can randomly play cute animation movies carefully selected from YouTube

Kubube is very popular

VIPPER I: If you make a part of the proverb as "radiation"

2 Name: Below, VIP will be sent to you as a nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 11: 31.01 ID: xKyXyo / o0
Radiation on the cowling

4 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 12: 02.01 ID: 85DTfq1p0
Radiation on the crying surface

5 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of the Nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 12: 11.67 ID: uhe5c + f00
Radiation also on stones

6 Name: Below, VIP will be sent to you as a nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 12: 19.82 ID: UA / 6JfUP0
Radiation from the shelf
7 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 12: 44.52 ID: jXqEUcym0
If a dog walks, radiation

9 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of the Nameless [sage] Posted on: 2011/04/09 (Sat) 21: 12: 50.67 ID: wKX / oXa20
Eye drops from radiation

Laputa is found over Sendai: hamster bulletin

Shot with iPhone 3G. There were two other smaller ones.

I have never seen such a cloud. In short it is a tornado,
It is different as it is because there is a summit.

I wonder if there are tornado clouds with planes like Pornaref's head ...

Erotic grammar where every word sounds erotic | nanapi [ナ ナ ピ]

【With image】 "Corrugated shelter" to improve the living space of evacuation centers - Developed and provided by Kogakuin University.

7 Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Dion Army): 2011/04/08 (Fri) 17: 41: 10.31 ID: L1xwY5 / Y0
I am losing to homeless skill

8 Nobody @ squirting eyes. (Aomori Prefecture): 2011/04/08 (Fri) 17: 41: 34.79 ID: iNNyiRdo 0

13 Nameless @ squirting eyes. (Nagaya): 2011/04/08 (Fri) 17: 41: 49.96 ID: qC0ZLmzt0
I'm a doghouse

Too beautiful scenery ... Paste the image of the world's largest mirror "Uyuni salt lake" |

【There is a picture】 Poster for self-defense officer recruitment is Moe - 【2 ch】 Knitetsu VIP blog

How to not overlook the panchira? - Various names

I actually went to the scene where school girls skirt turns with strong winds but it is quite a moment and people who can see the panchira in that moment are not only those who are drawn to the lower body of girls' high school students from time to time , And I was keenly aware of the high degree of technical difficulty.

Blog [Hunting chat] A can of chocolate crunch that I bought at the souvenir of Disneyland, a household which reuses it as a glove compartment · · ·

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Earthquake activity became active at 20 volcano nationwide after the earthquake: science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

In addition, seismic activity began to increase in volcanoes from Hokkaido to Kyushu, such as Yakedake and Mt. Fuji, Hakone vol., Mt. Aso, which span Nagano and Gifu prefectures, after the disaster.

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Nobel prize class! Is it? Particle discovery that can not be defined by modern physics - Science

However, in Tebatron's experiments, we obtained data showing the existence of particles with unknown force characteristics that have a slightly lighter mass (about 140 giga electron volt) than elementary particles called top quarks and which are also called "fifth force" It was done.

This particle is different from the undiscovered particles though existence such as "Higgs particle" which is regarded as the origin of mass, and "dark matter candidate" super-symmetric particle "which accounts for about 20% of the mass of the universe are assumed.

It is currently confirmed with a probability of 99.93%, but unless it is not considered as "discovery" unless it is confirmed with the probability of 99.9999% by the practice of elementary particle physics, Tebatron's experiment team searches for Higgs particles etc. In collaboration with the competing European large-scale accelerator LHC team, we will accumulate data and aim for confirmation.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Overheating of nuclear power problem in US politicians - Fukushima nuclear power plant accident received - Japan Real Time - WSJ

Meanwhile, Representative Edward Markey (Democratic, Massachusetts State), known as the opposition faction, announced a statement that the core of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Unit 2 "melted with extremely high temperatures, probably due to reactor pressure vessel I'm leaking from you. " Certainly, pressure vessels are damaged in Units 2 and 3, and contaminated water is believed to be flowing out. But Marquee's remarks suggest that the situation is much more serious than that.

On the other hand, NRC's Deputy Director Vice President Virginio said, "There is no confirmation that such a thing is not reported in the Japanese team at this morning," or " Denied.

After all the Tokyo citizens were "gidders". "Earthquake disaster is a heavenly punishment" and I will allow 4 places of nuclear power promotionist Shintaro Ishihara who exagused words - kojitaken's diary

Celebrity's Twitter reaction "The worst Ishihara election" - ('A `) <

"Without pachinko, no vending machine" Mr. Ishihara's opinion: News: Unified regional election 2011: Regional election: Election: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I have been to the first nuclear power plant but have any questions? : Jigemu 2ch

I do not like being detailed if I do not like being specified

400 people of the students with Doshisha · Osaka Kyoiku University as the leaders 401 legs dating event planning (Yale to the disaster area in addition) To stop: hamster preliminary bulletin

3: Unnamed: Mr. Anonymous @ Namida eyes. (Osaka prefecture): 2011/04/09 (Saturday) 16: 36: 01.54 ID: M2aks + 730
I knew it

5: Name: Anonymous says @ Namida eyes. (Tokyo): 2011/04/09 (Sat) 16: 36: 11.32 ID: u2IHWr5v0
Did you win again?

14: Name: Anonymous says @ Namida eyes. (Unknown softbank): 2011/04/09 (Sat) 16: 37: 15.78 ID: atoRNn1b0
I did not do it at all, but I died indefinitely?

77: Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Kyoto): 2011/04/09 (Saturday) 16: 41: 52.97 ID: RoyhfozE0
We just had to wrestle normally ...
Do you think that common people are criticized just by being told somewhat?

21: Name: Anonymous says @ Namida eyes. (Niigata / Tohoku): 2011/04/09 (Sat) 16: 38: 16.03 ID: RUAq V 8 r / O
I just wrote that I died ...

【East Japan great earthquake】 three secret of Kamaishi that saved 3,000 students from the tsunami - MSN Sankei News
"Do not believe the assumption" "take the best evacuation behavior under that circumstance" and "three who evacuated the leaders".

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun company): "Dead body under this" notes to the prefectural road, from the slope white mountains Gifu forest - society

【Special Sequence of Great Earthquake】 No official residence function (top) The back of "door not opening" is ... + (1/7 page) - MSN Sankei News

"Unexpected" is the heaviest sin in engineering: Houkouan Diary Lakeside Diary

It is important to note that "assuming" non-rated conditions (events) and "taking countermeasures" for that are different concepts. If you use your imagination, you can extend the range of assumption to any number. However, to what extent measures are to be taken in reality, we have no choice but to consider the cost. Therefore, engineering is divided into several scenarios.

1. Assume an event, evaluate the impact, and take countermeasures
2. Assuming events and evaluating the impact, give up enough measures
3. Assuming an event, since the impact can not be evaluated sufficiently, it is regarded as a measure with the maximum safety factor
4. Assume an event, but can not evaluate the impact and take no countermeasures
5. Do not assume events and take measures

At this time, I think that it is up to (1) (2) (3) that engineering allows, and (4) (5) is not permitted in engineering. I think that the second two violates engineer ethics and is professional sin. Especially (5) is the worst sin, it can not be helped even if a deliberate label such as lack of imagination, stopping thought, or incompetence is put up.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Beat Takeshi" Make nuclear plants in Tokyo Bay. Do not impose other prefectures "- Livedoor blog

50: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Tokyo): 2011/04/11 (Monday) 12: 47: 01.87 ID: w1oaLiEN0
It would not have been the same anywhere, but if you build a nuclear power plant in Tokyo, we will take more serious safety measures
I will work on it

Headquarters and conferences are muddy ... command system, bureaucrats as "unknown": politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

【Image】 Photographer overseas photographer shoots in 20 km of nuclear power completely ghost town · · · News 2 chan

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Israeli first successful in actual warfare to intercept rockets - International

According to the Israeli army, the mobile defense system named "Iron Dome" intercepted rockets launched from Israel in the direction of Ashkelon from Gaza.

【Radioactive Leakage】 Nuclear accident 1 month ... water lost reactor, broken "myth" + (2 / 3page) - MSN Sankei News

However, to open the valve, a low voltage power supply was necessary, but all four were high voltage vehicles. I attempted to convert the voltage, but it was blocked by the debris, the length of the cable was insufficient and it did not reach. The connection port of the nuclear reactor was submerged by a tsunami. Executives of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, who received the report, had no choice but to laugh without power.

【Fukushima nuclear power plant accident】 Discovery of fragments of fuel rod outside the Unit 2 and NY Times coverage: 2 summary R

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Most of the radioactivity, still leakage in the reactor is less than 10% - Society

Small explosion accident at Washington State nuclear power plant, no damage - MSN Sankei News

Kagome Co., Ltd.> Notice relating to the Great East Japan Earthquake> About the report concerning "suspension of contract cultivation of processing tomatoes produced in Fukushima Prefecture in 2011"

■ In April 2011, we offered the following three points from JA to JA Whole Farm Fukushima.
(1) About suspension of contract cultivation of processing tomatoes produced in Fukushima Prefecture in FY 2011
(2) About our efforts by Furukawa and contract farmers for safety verification for fiscal 2012
(3) Economic support for contract farmers due to suspension of contract cultivation in 2011

Japan economy just before meltdown - how to protect your future | nikkei BPnet

The accident of TEPCO · Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant continues to be unpredictable, but let's change the theme this time. Actually, there is another thing in Japan that is on the verge of "meltdown". That is the Japanese economy itself.

The Great East Japan Earthquake disrupted corporate activities and had a major impact on the Japanese economy, but I am not trying to talk about it. It is said that "the lost 20 years", etc. Although the Japanese economy has been sluggish for a long time, I would like to discuss about "It is never a low growth due to a mature state".

Is there politics in Japan? | Princeton's New Trends America | Columns & Blogs | Newsweek Japan Official Site

For example in Tokyo. I decided on winning or losing because I thought that it was only a vague mood, "It's a difficult time because it's a hard time" and a low vote rate of young people. As a result, opportunities for mid- and long-term urban design choices such as reflection on concentration of Tokyo's concentration, reform for restoring competitiveness as a city, reflection on liquefied coastal development, etc. are postponed for another 4 years It has been done.

Regarding Fukui and Saga, incumbent incumbent who has been criticized as to how to promote nuclear power in the past won, but it is only the candidate for opponents candidate for the opposition party, and for the citizens who emphasize the free economy, past nuclear policies It only reflects the reality that no opportunity for correction was given.

If politics is a system of communication linking public sentiment and policy, it can be said that the system did not move in the first half of this unified local election.

"Fukushima Prefecture Land refusal" entering · staying, damaging rumor successively: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

There was a consultation from a shipping company sent to a counseling desk in the prefecture concerning radiation, "There was a sticker to" Fukushima citizen refused "at gas station in other prefectures". Besides, due to being a Fukushima citizen, it was said that "There was refusal to enter the restaurant at the restaurant", "I could not stay at the hotel", "I was scribbled in a car", and so on.

Current affairs dot com: Donation 17 million yen to the LDP = TEPCO official, 3 years from 2007 - pointed out "Organization Gurumi"

It's 716 pages, but it will be useful for a lifetime! 70-year-old "How to call" "Legendary Copywriting Practice Bible" (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News

Author Robert Collier (1885-1950), a legendary copywriter who has built direct marketing in the United States. This original original has been read in for over 70 years among marketers of the US without content fading. When it became abolished, it repeatedly publishes in the form of a book or "binder", and the original document which has not been translated in Japan until now has finally been published in Japanese translation. It is exactly the legendary book.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Seeking help all over the world" Fukushima town and village association, direct contact with TEPCO - politics

In response to the request to TEPCO, President Shoji Asawa and Mayor Otama expressed "a sense of crisis" that they want "seek help from all over the world without shame and no hearing". Another attendee also said that "I do not want the future prospects of the area due to accidents" and "I want you to show me how long it will be compensated." TEPCO repeatedly said, "Accepting requests in earnestness (shinshi) and responding in good faith", but there was no clear response.

Social psychology at the time of panic that classified and organized 80 hoaxes after the earthquake [Pictorial posts Ninha] 2011/04/08
"Information disruption" "Dema due to lack of scientific and medical knowledge" "dissemination / dissemination report not correcting misinformation" "hoax with intention to defeat individual politicians" "Government interferes with foreign support Dema "," critical hoaxes on policies, political parties, regime "," hoaxing the disparity of other individuals, companies and organizations "" hoaxes against the background of foreign discrimination "" attacking Japan UNICEF, Agnes "" inaccurate Information "," prejudice prejudiced "," hoaxing out of story "and so on.

Opera House attracts high quality workers - himaginary's diary

According to it, high-quality workers prefer to live in a well-maintained place of cultural facilities, so that they are drawn to a place in the opera house. Moreover, economic growth will increase by 2% in such areas.

4999 It is decided that rice paddy rice field can make rice. In addition, the area is not announced because it is a harmful rumor

62 Nanashi-san @ Namida eyes. (Kanagawa): 2011/04/08 (Fri) 22: 22: 25.08 ID: YRNY / JH90
If I hide it I think that it is only the easier Japanese crops will not be sold
I do not know which is dangerous, so I will not eat anything
If you do not know which one is dangerous you will only eat western crops
You think that's damaging rumors

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear installation permission invalid request complaint NHK News

For Tokyo Electric Power Company and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, where the leakage of radioactive substances continues, it is said that the country's safety review was sloppy, and a man in Tokyo filed an action in court seeking invalidation of installation permission.

Americans "Lots of capitalism anymore" | USA | Latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official site

Is the best economic system in the world a "free market"?

This is a poll question asked annually by Grove Scan, a research firm based in Toronto, Canada. The survey target has now expanded to 23 countries.

By the time the survey was started, most Americans talked about it and said: "Is not it natural? Why bother to ask such a thing"

Indeed, in the 2002 survey, 80% of Americans answered that capitalism and free markets are the most desirable economic systems to bring prosperity to the world. This percentage was the highest among the surveyed countries.

But what happened in the next ten years? The income disparity continued to expand, the scandal set in the large enterprises and Wall Street was repeated, the unemployment rate exceeded 10%, the US economy was lost in the darkest age since the Great Depression.

"Trap" in which a "smart person" falls: Tetsuya Isozaki's start-up guide: Entrepreneurship: Job Search: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Many people have been positive to say, "There are opportunities for venture companies even in Japan," but after all, "Naturally, it is difficult to develop venture companies in Japan?" There are also some opinions. Those who are stupid, so I can not understand my story ... If it says whether it is not at all, there are also knowledge on economics, investment etc, and there are many people who seems to be much smarter than I am.

However, these people may be misunderstood about the essence of "what is a venture company" as well. Rather, it seems that it is difficult to understand the essence of venture companies, in such a way that "the head is good", "the general view" and "the eyes from above" perspective.
(I call this "a trap in a macroscopic point of view".

3.11 Direction of nuclear power and energy policy afterward: Tetsuya Iida Director, Institute for Environment and Energy Policy | Science Media Center

I think common accident is that accidents happening now are one of the worst accidents that will definitely remain in world history. According to the simulation code, Steven Chu (US Energy Secretary) told the New York Times that France and Austria pointed out that already released radioactive substances are several 10% of Chernobyl, I talk about the meltdown occurring in the nuclear reactor.

In Japan, I have not made any such assessment, but in some countries like the United States, I have codes (simulated in the USA as safety code) to simulate the meltdown situation, even from the nuclide that comes out, melt We evaluate down as no mistake. Also, it seems quite certain that the containment vessel and the pressure vessel will be damaged at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Blogging tomorrow with new speed Blog Tobacco logo removes from the box So much I can not tell what product

Let's stop nuclear power - Seongsongsongsik

How about if this becomes nuclear power? Only the giant enterprises and their related subcontractors are in the market, and because of its huge system there is intense fun with the administration. Despite numerous research projects (including tens of trillions in the case of countries) research budgets, we have not been able to create novelty technologies over the past several decades. Nuclear power has no room for attractive research.

So, a young engineer? People like me say that nuclear power is useless, etc. When I see it speaking, I laugh. Natural energy has room for big technical development and there are many possibilities of growth of new entrants through competition. There are opportunities for technological innovation and social change in removal of nuclear power plants. If you want a chance you can push the natural energy.

As it goes there, there is no way to save the primary kitchen (nuclear power, wasteful, despair of nuclear weapons, self-called reality list). To the extent that dissatisfaction with society can be recruited, it is stubborn to the actual change.

When you look at the trends and opinions of the primary kitchen, the common point with the self-defense kitchen which called the previous discussion comes up.

Nagano prefecture was "silenced" to approach the scar of "Earthquake of Earthquake" - Browsing Browsing

The painful news (No ∀ `): France" Japanese work doing not escape even in this situation, TV shows a comedy program apparently abnormal "- livedoor blog

The tragedy of Ishinomaki and Ogawa small, details of the time of the disaster clearly: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

After 3:10 pm, a man (70) who was present at the scene saw the children make a row and walk out of the schoolyard. "It was led by a teacher and passed by my eyes as if he was frightened."

It was shortly thereafter. "Got" and a terrible sound. The man started running in the opposite direction to the children. A huge wave overflowing from the Kitakami River over the embankment struck the entire district including the school. Together with the testimony of the residents and men, the tsunami said that the children only entered the row of children. A teacher behind the row and a few children changed direction and rushed up the mountains like men, and some was saved.

How to talk about the influence of radiation on health: Kazuhiko Kohi's memo log

Tsunami movie of Onagawa Town thought not to exist is uploaded - Livedoor blog

On the extreme right program of Yashiki's fans, he asserted that there is absolutely no meltdown of the nuclear power plant due to the tsunami. Ozawa believer's wish-doer radio-geisha politician · Kazuhiro Haraguchi - diary of kojitaken

ASCII.jp: Distributed Music "I Can Do With It" Distributed Music, First Year 's Handbook | Four Shosho's "Music Geeks!"

Sell ​​your own songs on the Internet themselves and manage copyright themselves. A household musician who works mainly on the net in such a way · Atsumi Matsuki. It was just one year ago that we interviewed. What kind of music life did he send from that?

The region declined

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): To acquire Takefuji, Korea's consumer finance giant, also during the month - business and economics

Conference contents of too much hydraulic safety committee | Global environment theory for future generations

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: "Only Sucking Pork Juice" Continue Menu in Cooking Menu

Monday: Pork juice and rice
Fire: Pork juice pan
Water: Instant noodles with broth
Tree: Pork squeeze cat manama
Gold: Instant udon entering broth
Sat: Ethnic hot spicy broth and rice
Sun: lightly sweet savor pork and bread

If you rotate properly you can go for a month

An alternate plan for a nuclear plant that already existed. Its name is "GENESIS plan" - Maka Makoto diary Z

Egypt: with the forced exclusion firing of military forces? Two people died - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

【Entertainment News Behind the Scenes】 Plating peeled off the agile ... Disposal at Nittele escape Desk - Performing Arts - ZAKZAK

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
As girls become college students, they suddenly get to the man, so be careful.

What if you are pressed by a woman or confessed to a woman? | Life Hack Channel 2

[Melting crucible] worried son is worried - Toshio Okada official blog

○ Questionnaire 50s Married women
It is a housewife sixty front. I have a son who has been away from my parents by admission to university, and has been there for ten years.
It was a retreat from a long time to a girl. The appearance form is ordinary, it is a so-called Ikegai men who is not conspicuous in plain form. To the best of my knowledge, none of us has ever lived. I am working for a company in a big city for a while, but I do not get a satisfying salary.
It is a man close to 30, and in my son's junior high school and high school classmate, there are not a few people who married and became parents. When I see a son who can not make herself yet, I step down on Daigo and worry about extra things. I can not ask her or her husband to joke, but I wonder if it is still a virgin at 28, is it managing her sexual desire or something?
When a male has a woman's experience, it is said to thoroughly prevent bad breath and body odor, sprout up, worry about clothes and underwear. However, the dressing hairstyle of my son who is going home and the outlook of trendy ignorance remain unchanged, and when I wash an old trunk I think that girls who wash this girls underwear will not appear for the rest of my life.
I thought of having played in the shadows as well. My clumsy son, this year's Valentine surely probably was far from chocolate. Some mothers have troubled themselves with a mad son, but the opposite is true, I hope that at least cherry boy will graduate by popularity by 30.
Am I the only one who thinks such a thing?

People who are not good at socializing are many people who like unexpected socializing. | Life Hack Channel 2

1 Talking with women naturally makes me nervous, so I am nervous to talk with a man who is not very friendly.
2 There are situations where several people other than myself are talking and only one person is silent.
Though there is 3, I can not call the store clerk easily.
4 Before you call a stranger (shop etc.), the other party thinks like this to some extent such as this.
5 Oddly nostalgic when it is unfamiliar place, situation.
6 The voice is small, and it is often heard back.
7 I am too concerned that others are not being seen strangely.
8 Indoor school.
9 Do not build broad friendships, always act with the same person. Or one.
10 I want her, but I do not feel like going to bed.
11 In a situation where you say something in order, your heart rate gets higher as your turn approaches.
12 In the workplace etc. say "Excuse me, sorry" only.
13 I think that I am regarded as being insignificant to a person.
14 I am doing 2 ch every day.
15 Clothes are always the same. There are not so many variations.
16 Hairstyle does not change much from old days. Do not rarely use wax.
17 I can not speak properly
18 I often indulge in fantasies and delusions alone
19 My hobbies are preferring those of the type that I enjoy silently exclusively alone, or I am not interested
Having said that, hobbies and play also halves
20 Individual in a bad meaning

Freedom refrain from excessive self-restraint ... remarks from ministers and governors successive: politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I want to make it a behavioral guideline "Paradox 10 Ten Ka": Connecting points: ITmedia Alternative · Blog

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
MS co-founder P. Allen's autobiography - dissatisfaction with revealed Gates - CNET Japan

One of the things that Mr. Allen is most strongly complaining about is that Mr. Gates was trying to take ownership of Microsoft from Mr Allen for his own benefit from a very early stage.

Anime recording software for PT / PT 2 is on sale

Investment in solar power plants in Google, Germany, Germany: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Japan map (image) for knowing the approximate distance from the nuclear power plants throughout the country - SE not working with watery eyes

Do not absolutely think that GREE guys are trying to make it iPhone

Do not think absolutely that GREE guys are trying to make it an iPhone.
It is obvious that it is not iPhone compatible version at a seriously usable level.

The screenshot is supposed to be pretty dirty.

Agnes hurts my heart for defamation slandings on the factless net

I would like you to understand that the meaning of "technology power" in the IT industry is changing with the momentum of the way forward - aiming for a talented programmer

There is a person who is the only invariable in programmer's work "always attending to learning".

Wrapped in darkness in Sendai - Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

However, it was sweet. I realized that my judgment arrived "in the case of Tokyo" was a very local story.

First, Twitter. Certainly information flows. But I can not get the information I want to know. If there is no time to spare, you do not need to see it unless it is something that will provide some kind of support to your current circumstances even though it is connected on Twitter.

What I want to know is whether I am at ease now or not. So, I attached a hashtag of # sendai. This is also. It is not very useful. Even though I am not in Sendai, I just added a # sendai tag just because it occurred in the vicinity of Sendai. Or the general Sendai information often flows here. It is natural that you think carefully. #sendai is not something reserved by someone for disaster support. When you send information related to Sendai, it is the freedom of those who transmit information from Twitter.

Even if you allow it to a certain extent, last night 's usability of Twitter was not half - ended. Even so, I thought that if I search for the information I really need, I will find it. Well, are not they?

I was in Tokyo on March 11. At that time Twitter was very helpful. Twitter and Google real-time search to find out how to get home. If you search with them with keywords, which line is starting to move, which line is crowded. Which station is murderous crowded. I soon learned that kind of thing. If there is something you do not understand, someone replied to Twitter.

However, these were the theories which apply when the pie is large (when there are sufficient number of users). If there are many users, the garbage is at a negligible level. However, if few people participate in the first place, the accuracy of information will be relatively low.

The tweet which knows that it is a mistake is Retweet. People who do not live in Sendai are tweeted with #sendai tags. Separately it is not that it is a breach of the terms of service. Separately it is not wrong.

A perfect silent 1 key switch is on sale, a mah-jong tile style, a macro setting OK, is it also perfect for a hidden button?

High-performance notebooks with a sharp fall of 170,000 yen for personal computer prices in the past ever recorded 92,000 yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Why did it drop so much? I heard about makers and those of mass merchandisers, apparently there seemed to be two reasons. First, due to Intel 's chipset problem, the shipment of the spring model was delayed. Besides, because the delay was as long as one month or so, the shopping battle period was considerably shorter. When it is boya boya, a summer model will appear. Both the manufacturer and store side must sell in a short time.

Another thing is the impact of the earthquake. The influence on distribution and the recession of consumer sentiment, etc., there are situations where Tohoku and some parts of the Kanto region are significantly lower than the sales results of the previous year. There seems to be cases in the west of Chubu exceeding the previous year, but it is not possible to fill up the northernmost part of the Kanto region. For PC manufacturers it is a double punch.

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Nuts came out when I bought a 500GBHD made in China - Livedoor blog

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Shiso wota wwwwww
It is hard to make this

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Ranobet writer's real stumbling - What did I do when I make a debut, but I can not sell anything at all? Edition ~ - travel diary

A debut wait group that tends to be worried by various uncertainties until debut of the award-winning one.

"What if I do not sell?"

"What would you do if you were bullied by a senior winner?"

"I started twitter but it was blocked by a acquaintance writer and it was rimmed, but what shall I do?"

"The moment the writer interacted happily with each other on twitter and the flow ceased at the moment I entered, what is better, you should not mutter today?"

"Both blogs and twitter are monitored by the responsible office, but when should you say bad things?"

"I could not sell anything debut, but I guess I will die anymore"

"When" Ayakashi is there ", the artist who was the whimsical attitude of whom and whom," Who am I. Gile "sells a little if I will sell it a little, but what will he do about this ..."

I think that everyone has such troubles.

So, with a variety of case studies, I'm planning to guide the Ranube artist 's real way of going around. Extraordinary care

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Painful news (No ∀ `): 【There is a picture】 Chihiro Onitsuka talks variously and variously - Livedoor blog

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Who is this?

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It is different at all

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Where do you live?

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Nani people

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Where are the professional wrestlers of the group

Saito Kazuyoshi's ups and downs of record companies on the ups and downs - The daily Saizo

"The fact that a third party released it without permission is unlikely in the case of Saito with a well-established management office named Lord & Sky, and as the office knew, not to mention the Victor side Published sound source, it is hard to think from the practice of industry because it is unlikely to see it from the practice of industry.In the past several years, there was a backdrop of JVC's rebreak and there was a history of rebreak, the relationship between the company and the office is also good, On the premise that Victor silently acknowledges a series of movements on the premise that it deletes it immediately ", it is true that it is in a panic of the magnitude of the echo" (other officials concerned)

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What color is it?

Ajickr blog: I tried summarizing Japanese delegates' South American championship participation problem

The topic of Japan representative 's South American championship issue is probably the biggest topic currently playing the football world, including the relationship between Japan national team and J League. However, there are voices saying "Wait a moment, I do not quite understand what is the problem?"

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