Honda gives a formal answer to the question "Does ASIMO handle nuclear accident processing?"

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The Great East Japan Earthquake has led to the fact that the cooling function of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is lost, and the restoration work is being carried out at the moment, but radiation leakage has occurred, so health damage and the like are a problem.

Although it is a robot that works remotely in places where human beings are unlikely to go, research and develop humanoid robot "ASIMO" as a new technology for the future useful to people Honda is "Could you handle the nuclear accident at ASIMOI answered the question formally.

Details are as below.
Honda | Customer consultation center | Can you process ASIMO nuclear accident? (Q & amp; A with earthquake)

According to the "Customer Consultation Center" page of HONDA official website, as a part of Q & A accompanying the earthquake, I answered the question "Do you think ASIMO can handle nuclear accident?" As follows.

Honda's ASIMO has been developing for the benefit of the people in the future, but unfortunately we are not currently able to do something like what you requested at present. We appreciate your understanding, thank you.

Show off the dance ASIMO. It is definitely a robot that can move sophisticatedly, so it may be unreasonable for expectations to gather.


Incidentally, robots to cope with accidents such as nuclear power plants have been developed in various places, already American robots are being introduced,In Japan also announced that the other day Chiba Institute of Technology etc. developedTherefore, it seems better to leave it to a robot developed exclusively for performing more precise work.

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