The medical team in Canada adopts "Kinect" at the site of surgical operation and drastically reduces the work burden of the surgeon

Medical team in Ontario, Canada will be using Xbox's motion controller "KinectBy adopting it at the site of the surgical operation, it seems that it was possible to drastically reduce the work burden of the surgeon.

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Xbox useful to surgeons - Sunnybrook Hospital

YouTube - Xbox Kinect in the hospital operating room

This is due to the medical technology group by the researcher at the University of Toronto and the cancer surgeon at the Sunnybrook Health Science Center, and it is used as the image visualization technique for seriously ill patients during surgery.

In surgical operations such as cancer in the first place, in order to visually recognize images of MRI or CRT scan, it is necessary to leave the aseptic area during surgery and the medical team connect Xbox to the operating room computer to overcome this problem, It's hands-free operation via Kinect so that you can see the scanned image of the patient.

"We developed software by combining software and hardware in cooperation with Microsoft's Kinect.Our system recognizes the surgeon using 3-dimensional data transmitted from Kinect, and its gesture and posture Tracing this, the surgeon can control the computer's program without leaving the sterile field without touching anything, "said Matt Strickland, a surgical researcher at the University of Toronto It is.

In addition, the "image-guided is especially important in cancer surgery. We want to pour our best to removed all of the tumor. However healthy at the same time as much as possible for a better QOL (quality of life) of the patient's tissue also wants to preserve. this image-guided is like a GPS for the such a surgeon. for us to tell exactly not bear the information of where to what is in the patient's body. then, Kinect and the combination was it, the surgeon and all of the controls directly to such images simply by people pretending the hand, is now possible he wanted to display an accurate image. Moreover, can be operated from the sterile field. for me, this exactly is the magic of the operating room, "said a tumor surgeon of gastrointestinal cancer team of Sunnybrook-Odette cancer Center, complex surgery of the liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal specialty of Cal Down-low Dr. says.

Three people, Strickland, Tremain and Brigley who developed the system, will continue to use this technology across all types of surgery.

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