A strange and creatively rich sketch left by "Graham Bell" who invented the phone

An inventor known for inventing a telephone "Alexander Graham BellThere is a sketchbook which I was writing while advancing my daily research before my life.

A sketch of a person who was at the forefront of the exciting technical innovation period in human history also has evidence of tremendous imaginative thinking, and it can be said that it is a treasure that can not be priced.

The actual sketch is from the following.Alexander Graham Bell's Delightfully Weird Sketchbooks - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic

On 10th March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell succeeded in the first call test in human history. The first word is that "Watson, you have something to do, please come for a while" for the assistant who was in the next room. Bell recorded research results and myriad ideas in the sketchbook in the laboratory.

Here are a lot of actual sketches. Because there are not many explanations so much, I do not know what he was really thinking, but it is a very spectacular sketch.

This is considered the first sketch of the telephone system.

The bell was fascinated by the flight by the helicopter.

Sketch that Bell 's thinking procedure seems to be understood.

Occasionally, his life is drawn like a diary in the sketchbook. I heard that he liked to ride a horse and fry it.

I cut out clippings of interested topics such as meteorite and airplane.

I am thinking about "ghost effects" and "elliptical reflector" here.

Illustration from the side view and from the sky view. It looks like just a hand-held boat, did it have something tremendous potential?

Idea for carrying telegraph.

According to the attached memo, Bell says he went out with this device to experiment with the buried telegraph line. Also, this is also a self-portrait.

It is an airplane design that the bell came up with. Power flight became a reality at the beginning of the 20th century when the bell lived.

Some of Bell 's inventions are easy, and here I imagine a useful mechanism in situations where multiple people have the same thing.

This sketch is named "Wheel Raise Device".

Is it a mechanism to fly an airplane ...?

I do not know what kind of sort of thing is, but it is kind of touch like Picasso.

It seems that I am at a loss what to call this device.

"Better seesaw" invented by Bell. "A fat boy is on one end, a light boy goes to the other side, it has much more advantages than a normal seesaw."

What seems to be a wing experimental device.

Like this "Sketch Observing Dead Birds", Bell's sketchbook contains a variety of incredible things. And since he is taking a scientific approach to almost all events, it seems to be a sample of what exactly is inventor.

The sketchbook isLibrary of CongressThese images are part of the digitized sketchbook.

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