The everyday life of Mauritania's capital Nouakchott where the sand dominates everything and food that feels Japan

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. last timeMauritaniaI entered. Mauritania was a country dominated by sand. When the wind is strong, sandstorm hides the blue sky. The meal also galles plain with sand. I saw a scene where bicycles that I put outside were also dusty and even at stores, I was wiping dirty items one by one. The sun is strong and it is a harsh natural environment. Among them, the people of Mauritania were powerfully living everyday. I was traveling in such a country of sand.

And here, you can eat rice on a daily basis. It is nice for Japanese people to be able to eat Hokko rice in foreign countries. I was surprised when I ate it for the first time. I have curry and rice. Usage of vegetables such as eggplant and pumpkin was like Japan. This time we will deliver Mauritania, a country of sand.

Capital city of MauritaniaNouakchottThis is around here.

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The currency of Mauritania is "Ughia." The appearance of camel on the back of the bill!

We prepared food for crossing the desert. From the border with Morocco Nuadibu to the capital of Mauritania Nouakchott is about 450 km, there is no big city.

Breakdown is French bread, macaroni, couscous, oranges, tomato, confectionary bag (cookie, confectionery bread), date.

When I ran out of Nuadibu the train carrying inland iron ore passed by. A lot of freight cars are connected.

There was a lodging on the first day. And I used a shower.

Although it is a desert, there are plenty of water here. When you change pipes, water comes out of the hose. ...... So always water is left, so this shower does not stop. But it was saved. After finishing the day's running, if you take a shower you can feel refreshed and you can get tired.

Country toilet in Mauritania.

Although it is scooping, it is beautiful. But, this toilet has a great evening. I can not approach because the cockroach is crawling around the toilet. It came out from the hole of the toilet bowl and entered, it was a shocking sight. Examining it in the electronic dictionary seems cockroaches are nocturnal.

Inside of the room to sleep.

Salamander came out when I thought that it sounded like a bullshit.

If you see signs of AUBERGE (Auberge) you will find an inn.

French is widely accepted in Mauritania, whether it is a former colony relationship. I have to speak French as well. However, French can not communicate with grandma in this inn. The child of this house interpreted there. Whether it is being welcomed, they have become good friends. It is a very solid boy for 8 years old. "I went to Nouakchott for 4 days with my dad and a bicycle" or "I have a mommy in a shop that I went to, and my mom's mama is a lodging grandmother", which is French, but I can figure it out somehow It is fun. You are getting along well, "Hey, there are goats here" "There are dogs here, there are dogs, you see, sit down !!" and will guide you in various ways. I have no such contact, so I can not stop my bicycle trip.

There are lots of greens around the inn.

The desert also got more grass.

I still see a camel.

The road in the northern part of Mauritania was new and it was very easy to run.

There is such a green place

A dining room hut in the village on the way.

I live in a dusty place and a desert.

A goat descended into this settlement, I kept crying, but I hid it in the shadow, avoiding direct sunlight.

There is a camel.

Grass and desert.

I caught cattle grazing which I have not seen for a while from Western Sahara. Tension will rise as there is human activity.

The desert area is desert.

It's like a sea of ​​sand.

I see lots of sand dunes.

The desert seems to be continuing everywhere.

A sandstorm spreads before Nouakchott, and we can not see much blue sky.

Finally we arrived at the capital city Nouakchott. The inner courtyard of the hotel is calm.

It was cheap to camp, so I put up a tent.

Washing is indispensable for traveling.

Again I met an amazing traveler.

I am surprised at signs of PANASOIC and TOYOTA. It seems that he ran a blue dot on the world map.

It was said that Japan also took 3 months.

Mario of the Dutchman. When asked, "How long have you been traveling?" "No, thank you, for 10 years." The scale is different.

Because the things that are traveling the world are between each other, the talk spread. When I asked the impression of Japan, "It was very good, I enjoyed it very much, people are kind and I want to visit again." "There was only one problem, I sometimes do not understand the sign," he was laughing. I heard that I will go to South America next time, which also has a scale of about 5 years. "I might as well go to South America, so I might be able to meet somewhere," I promised. Will we meet again?

It seemed to be traveling around the world with Toyota's land cruiser.

This is the flag of Mauritania. Like this flag, the crescent moon around here is missing largely above and seems to be the shape of a mouth smiling.

A state of Nouakchott city. It is because of the sandstorm that it is not a blue sky.

Mosque in Nouakchott city. Islam is widely believed in Mauritania.

This is an intersection ... ...

There is no signal. You need to pay attention to everything, turning cars, turning cars, straight-ahead cars, oncoming vehicles, everything else.

Construction of the building was done next to the road with traffic volume in the city center. It seems that China is involved.

Even in Mauritania, Chinese seem to be doing business. We open stores and sell Chinese products.

When I was walking along the road along the central market, I was told by middle-aged Chinese who "are you from?" I sell tea on the street. It seems to be happy. "Because I am not a Chinese, I am a foreigner," he says, but he will not stop. "No, why do you understand Chinese?" "Why did you come and work, are you working?" You will hear quickly. But I can not catch it because it's fast. Please help me. I will ask you, "Where are you coming from?" Then, "Fu Chen" ... ... I think for a while and confirm that "Place where Fuzhou or Xiamen is located". It is a famous place of tea in "Fujian Province". He is cheerful with Nico Nico from all over the country and has not defeated a foreign country at all. When I parted, I shook hands with "grease (hard work)" and I was happy with grinning.

A hole was drilled everywhere in Nouakchott city. The garbage thrown away randomly gathers there. There was a place where water gathered and stinks. With this I can not be healthy.

"Pizza Hot". Even it is just a hot place.

In the evening street lights illuminate the main road. In Nouakchott city, firm place is solid.

Central markets where Arabic and French signs take place.

It is Mauritania's battle suit sold on the left side. It is the same that a man walking is wearing.

Men in Mauritania are almost wearing this battle suit. I've been wearing it on everyday wear. The reason for this is to protect yourself from being too strong sunlight. Everytime the wind is blowing, it seems not to be hot there. I did not see this clothes in Morocco in the north, Senegal in the south, it looked like a Mauritanian national costume.

There are many shops in the central market.

Many Oranges are from Morocco.

Fishing net and rope are sold here.

Near the market, the old car is running.

In the market you can buy a cold water bag with 10 cheap UGia (about 3.5 yen).

Juice is also a bag. 20 Ugia (about 7 yen).

And I have to tell you about the eating habits of Mauritania.

I bought French bread.

Mauritania is also the former colony of France so you can get French bread everywhere. It is OK to buy at a store, but let's find a baker than that. If you are lucky you are freshly baked, while outside you can buy fluffy French bread. In a bakery this slender French bread is stacked and it looks like a missile. But, everyone will receive this delightfully. Mauritanian bakery is fighting to make everyone happy.

Such a sandwich using French bread, inside is egg.

Not only in delicious French bread, rice is the staple food here in Mauritania. If it is a Japanese, it will be rice. In Morocco in the same Africa bread was staple food. I asked someone "From here West Africa rice is a staple food." As rice goes well, she is dependable as a charrider. Every dish was tasted firmly and it was delicious.

Mafay. It is Mauritanian style curry. Western African home cooking with peanut paste as the source.

Fish and rice. In Japan we cook rice.

Another mafé.

Rice which looks like a pilaf.

Goat meat and rice.

It seemed to have cooked spaghetti's meat sauce.

Fish and rice. It is sweet enough for potato and carrots to melt. I felt Japan with Japanese radish and eggplant.

Mafé. I'm going to have rice.

When I entered the cafeteria with such dishes, I was surprised to see that my mother slept on the table after all while she was full of mum. It seems like a nap. It prepares meals as it is, and lies down lazily again. He was warm hearted.

Like Morocco you can eat chicken set.

Chicken meat set with a good nutritional balance.

How about meals of Mauritania?

Everything was delicious, but I seem to have met one of these. On the day I left Nouakchott, I got into heat with terrible diarrhea. This hygiene circumstance is not so good, please be careful.

Moritania also has a yoghurt drink that I often saw in Morocco.

There are a lot of items flowing from Morocco to Mauritania though it is sandwiching the Sahara desert. Coca Cola, sweets, cheese. Besides, there are various goods from many countries such as paper nafkin made by Algeria, Macaroni made by Kenya, can juice made by United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, in Mauritania there is no indication that industrial operations are taking place.

How much camel milk was sold. French package.

Arabic package.

Illustration of a nomadic tent.

And this was Made in Mauritania.

I will aim at Senegal, the next country from Nouakchott. Black Africa seems to start.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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