Egyptian women exposed to "virginity test"

On the fact that women in Egypt's Cairo were tortured by being cleared by the Egyptian army, the International Human Rights OrganizationAmnesty InternationalProtested.

Women were naked before men's soldiers were watching, subjected to torture such as strikes and electric shocks, and underwent an inspection called "virginity test", and women who were disqualified were even more frightening of abuses He said that he received a copy.

Details are as below.Female protesters in Egypt tortured, treated to 'virginity test': Amnesty | The Raw Story

Amnesty International reported that at least 18 women received such treatment, first at the military prison, then to the Cairo museum and beating assaulted.

The women said that women who were beaten and subjected to torture by electric shocks and told that they were "disqualified" for the "virginity test" got even worst abuse.

Salwa Hosseini, 20 years old, told Amnesty International that she was arrested by the military and then sent to the military prison in Heikstep, and with the other women, clothes were brought in by the female prison officer It is said that it was taken off. In the room where they were unclothed, two doors and windows were open, a male soldier looked into the room and took a picture of the naked woman.

Amnesty International said in a recommendation that "women must be able to express their views on the future of Egypt and to protest against the government to eliminate unreasonable detention, torture and discrimination." , "The military officers deeply humiliate women by having them take pictures and accuses the army that they imagined further damage caused by the disclosure of the photos and intimidated them" .

They areTahrir SquareIt was on March 9th that the arrest was arrested and that the army had excluded demonstrators at Tahrir Square this day. Did you get confused by the exclusion of the demonstrators, was such barbarism done?

According to the local newspaper "al-Fagr" and journalist Rasha Azeb, the women requested the highest council of the military to stop using military tribunals. Amnesty International also adds that other testimonies supporting women's testimony are gathered at the El Nadeem Center for rehabilitation facilities for victims of violence.

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