In the situation that the Chinese government further strengthens censorship, automatically disconnects when talking about the word "protest" by telephone


The other day,Mimicking Google's Gmail as if it can not be viewed due to technical problemsI told you that China's hard information control is escalating, but this time it seems that it came up to the means of detecting the word talking on the phone and cutting off the call.

The reported case happens to happen when you are talking on a cell phone"Protest (to protest)"I used the word "suddenly" that the call was interrupted. Detecting a specific word from the content the individual is talking to and disconnecting the call further seems to be quite a big censor, but critics are likely to rebel against the anti-government movement in the Middle East and North Africa It seems that it seems that it is related to the activation of.

Details are as below.China Tightens Electronic Censorship -

China Electronic Censorship

According to Beijing entrepreneurs, when talking with a fiancé on a mobile phone about going to a restaurant, quoting a passage of Hamlet "The lady dothProtestToo much, methinks. (I think she pledges too much, though), "he said. After that, he said "ProtestThe moment I said the word "mouth," the phone has run out. He was talking in English at this time, but when I tried repeating the same phrase in Chinese using another phone, I heard that the call came out in the same way in the same way.

Looking at the history of the past several weeks, it seems obvious that the Chinese government is doing more censorships on mobile phones and e-mails in order to undermine anti-government sentiments. Critics pointed out that China's censorship has been strengthened by the day, particularly after the revolt in the Middle East and North Africa this trend is prominent. Also, in China, there is a movement to voluntarily organize protest movements on the Internet about 1 month ago.

Professor Hu Yong of Beijing University said that government censors constantly found and responded to newly emerging threats, "(censored) technology is constantly evolving and the range of terms to be detected has also expanded Because what we have to manage is also expanding its depth and breadth. "

China's censorship function has been running efficiently so far, regulations on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter initially considered as temporary are now considered permanent. There are few critics who think that the government will loosen censorship.

Avoid government censorship, so-called"Great Firewall"It is designed to be accessible outside ofVPNSome services seem to be invalidated for the service as well. VPN service is spreading to a large number of people mainly in scholars and researchers, entrepreneurs, people who are stationed in China in China, but one of the providers providing VPN serviceWiTopiaHe apologized to the user that the service in China is being hindered and said that because of "an attempt to block is increasing" about the cause.

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