Art piece "On the Surface" which may be the mirror image of true figure

A photograph work of a mysterious world view created by Alex Kisilevich, a Toronto resident in Canada,On the Surface"is.

At first sight it seems like an ordinary photograph that cut out daily life, but the appearance reflected on the mirror surface is far from the person himself. The mirror is supposed to reflect the figure of the object as it is, but the way she looks depends on the consciousness of the viewer, it is made to think about what the truth is.

The work group is from the following.Alex Kisilevich On the Surface

Invisible girl innocent girl, mature woman who is standing somewhat plump. Is not it a work that expressed the concept of this work the most straightforwardly?

A young woman standing in a relaxed hospital gown at a place like a hall corridor. The appearance reflected in the window seems to be slightly older than himself.

A man standing in a tidy kitchen. It is an elderly man who is reflected in the sink, so it may be said that you are laying more years with feelings.

It is a young man looking into the swimming pool where the water is praised gracefully, but an old man whose hair is also whitening now that he is peeping back.

The figure reflected on the desk of a mature woman sitting on a chair is slightly younger than herself.

You can see the figure reflected in the late teens in a form to be back to back with the girl leaning against the cabinet.

The boy who is hiding under the table also thinks that he is still a part of herself, the young man who has been older than the old desk legs.

Although I am an elderly man who is washing dishes, when I look closely at the dish, there is a grand male who has blackened hair.

You can understand that the man sitting in front of the piano seeing the grand piano's top plate that the heart is more youthful than the actual appearance.

There is a woman who looks a little older, the color of her hair is different from that of her, on the glass of the washing machine, opposite the woman who stands at the coin launderette.

A dish is decorated in the shelf, so it is a little confusing, but if you are staring at your eyes girls much younger beautiful than a real woman standing in front of you.

A woman who is floating with a poplite in the pool may be dieting as much as possible on the surface of the water.

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