In this situation, too much power saving is called for "Unpredictable large scale blackout" due to the surge in power consumption

Although planned blackouts are being implemented in the Kanto since March 14, it became clear that more power saving was called for in response to the sharp increase in electricity demand under the influence of cold weather.

Despite maximizing planned blackouts, we are already approaching the limit of supply volume, and it is said that "unpredictable large scale blackout" may occur in this state.

Details are as below.
Requesting further energy saving to avoid large scale blackouts | Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

According to the statement of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, announced today, the demand for electricity is rapidly increasing under the influence of severe cold, and despite carrying out planned blackouts to the maximum extent, the demand for electricity in TEPCO is It seems that it has been keeping pace at about 4 million kW yesterday.

As a result, the electricity supply that can be supplied is 33.5 million kW, while the peak electricity demand amount in the morning is 32.92 million kW, which is already the situation of supply and demand. Also, if this situation continues, the demand will exceed supply significantly from evening to night when the electricity demand of the day peaks, and it is said that there is a possibility of large-scale blackout that can not be predicted.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Haichi Economic Committee to the industry and citizens to avoid unforeseen circumstances, especially to suppress the maximum use of electricity, especially from the evening to the night when the power demand peaks, We are calling for cooperation for saving energy more than ever, including discontinuation of use.

· 2011/03/17 16: 26
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