Due to the high radiation dose, the Metropolitan Police Department suspended the water discharge by the high pressure water discharge car

According to Nippon Television and NHK, water discharge to Unit 3 of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant by the high-pressure discharge car of the Metropolitan Police Department was canceled due to high radiation dose.

As for the water discharge by the SDF scheduled to start from 18 o'clock, there is no information at 19:30.

Details are as below.
Japan TV reported before 19 o'clock and NHK at 19:28 that the water discharge work to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant by the high-pressure water discharge car of the Metropolitan Police Department respectively was canceled.

There is no information on water discharge work by the SDF with five fire trucks.

2011/03/17 20: 43
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Self-Defense Force Fire-fighting vehicles, towards Unit 3 Floods Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power - Society

At 7:35 pm on 17th, one firefighting vehicle of the Self Defense Force began to discharge toward Unit 3 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The second was launched in 45 minutes and the third was started in 53 minutes. At 8 p.m., the 5th car lasted at the 4th and 8:07, finished draining at 8:09.

2011/03/17 19: 46
The riot police squirrels out but does not reach NHK News

At the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, in order to cool Unit 3, the riot police of the Metropolitan Police Department dispatched water from the ground using a high-pressure water discharge vehicle, but it did not reach the target, because the radiation dose was high and dangerous, I interrupted and evacuated to a safe place.

2011/03/17 19: 53
The SDF started discharging water with a special fire engine.

2011/03/17 20: 24
Discharging water to the Self-Defense Forces Unit 3 NHK News

A special fire truck of the Self Defense Force began water discharge work at 7:35 pm. Also, the second fire engine started watering at 7:45 pm.

2011/03/17 20: 45
According to the interview by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the radiation dose above the building was operated directly above Unit 4 to Unit 4, 87.7 mSv / hr at 300 ft and 4.13 mi at 1000 ft Sievert / hour, about 100 feet is about 250 mSv / hour.

The dose rate of the facility over the "nuclear reactors might think that it would be considerably higher, but as .1 second of the cause that you want added to the notes to this fact, of the nuclei as a factor of exposure to radiation from the nuclear power plant directly it adheres are released comes out possibilities. radioactive material to spread in the air and underwater .2 th cause those that exposure from the radioactive material property by the particles or electromagnetic waves at the time of collapse and fission In the case of the Self Defense Forces, the mass of radioactive material is directly under, which is the value of millisieverts as a direct factor.If it was originally used because although I that are minute shielded made a factor of direct exposure is prevented if properly there is no such a thing ceiling and wall at the top, such as fuel radiation is higher. direct release For that exposure in the line itself can reduce the impact by ensuring an appropriate distance, the distance is that of a to have "become inversely proportional to the square of.

2011/03/17 20: 52
According to the Nuclear Safety and NISA conference, on radiation measurement and its impact on healthIAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) experts will come.NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the United States of America) has already 11 people in total, and it is supposed to continue close collaboration in the future.

2011/03/17 20: 57
For "Unit 6, there is an increasing pressure has dropped the direction of the water level for the Toka water level Toka pressure of the reactor, which I would like to once yesterday. Although Unit 6 not is still described here is where I heard today this data About .5 Units and Unit 6 pool water temperature and the reactor pressure improvement was seen after, although the operation of lowering the temperature to put an amount corresponding new water Relieve pressure by opening the valve, unit 6 diesel generator emergency is replenished power to unit 5 and 6 unit. water temperature is lowered if the water injection since it water injection to the fuel pool to recover. recovery external power for the reactor pressure vessel Back pressure of the even. hot because it is designed for a plurality replenishment operation to lower the reactor temperature using a Mizubakari is recovering already been made. reactor pressure and temperature to move by the critical Withstand pressure. No adverse effects because still low pressure of about one sufficient for this number. "

2011/03/17 21: 02
7 tons of water dropped from the helicopter is 4 in total, 30 tons in total, 40 tons by the riot by the riot police from the ground (it is unclear how much it was delivered until discontinued), 6 tons by the SDF Total of 30 tons in a row. We will confirm from now whether or not there was any effect on these water.

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