What you would like to try when you do not sleep well, the way to sleep soundly

There are many people who do not understand at what timing to stick to the news and do not sleep, and people who slept for the last few days, and those who have reversed day and night because the limit came and fell asleep. However, it is important to get a good sleep for physical condition management.You should not feel guilty about sleeping.

It is posted on GIGAZINE so far as to be able to practice even soon tonight, of what I would like to try on when I go to bed by turning off the TV and turning off the TV as if to sleep soundly for tomorrow I excerpted from the article and compiled it.

The way to get to sleep is from the following.

◆ Stop "sleeping mobile" by iPad, smartphone, etc.


Even after entering the futon by turning off the electricity for the purpose of power saving, there are many people who keep checking the news by doing so-called "sleeping mobiles" with netbooks, tablet terminals, smart phones, etc.? If you decide to "go to bed," it may be a hand to turn off the mobile device completely once.

Blue light with a short wavelength of visible light coming out from the monitor of the mobile device is a ray showing the blue sky during the day and hardly reaches the ground at night. Therefore, stimulation of blue light misunderstand that the brain is "now is noon" and aroused, leading to getting drowsy away. Blue light is also included in lighting such as lighting fixtures, but it seems to be an obstacle to sleeping in particular, because "nightmobile" will continue to look at the light source at close range to the very limit at which it falls asleep.

◆ Do not watch the alarm clock at night

Anxiety is accelerated when you see an alarm clock, it becomes obsessive with respect to time, so it seems better not to see it. Even if I did not go to bed soon after entering futon, my sickness as I saw the watch and said "I can not sleep at the time, but I can not sleep yet" will further keep my sleep away.

◆ Do not drink to sleep


It is said that you should not drink alcohol late at night. Alcohol initially has a sedative effect, but eventually it will have the effect of interfering with sleep. It seems superstitious to have better sleep if you drink alcohol.

◆ Close the curtain and block light from outside

You can sleep better in the dark. There seems to be awakening due to the street light entering from outside or the light of the moon.

◆ lower the temperature of the room before entering the bed

If you lower the temperature of the room before entering the bed, it seems to send a signal saying 'I'm about to go to bed' for the body.

◆ Heat the socks and warm your feet

It seems that it will be easier to fall asleep if you wear a sock while sleeping. It is thought that it is because it helps to adjust the temperature of the part other than feet to sleeping temperature by warming feet.

Sprinkle perfume on the pillow ◆

Especially the fragrance of lavender is effective, and if you sprinkle quickly on the pillow before going into bed, it seems to be useful for calming feelings.

◆ Eat a small amount of walnut before going to bed

Amino acids contained in walnutTryptophanIt is said that it promotes the secretion of sleep hormone.

◆ Eat bananas before going to bed

Tryptophan, which promotes the secretion of sleep hormone, is also abundantly contained in bananas.

◆ Listen to recitation voice at bedtime

It seems that you can get a sense of security that you will have a fairy tale when you are small. It may be good to listen to audio books away from news for a while.

◆ Remove the bed from the wall

It seems to be effective to reduce noise from outside. People who can hear the sound of the TV in the next room in an apartment etc., those who use a light bed frame that can be easily moved, may try it.

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