"Tohoku district Pacific offshore earthquake" was magnitude 8.8 announced the largest earthquake in Japan and Japan Meteorological Agency announced

Around 14:46 on March 11Earthquake "Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Offshore Earthquake" that occurred as a seismic source off Miyagi prefecture off SanrikuWas originally announced as magnitude 7.9, which was then revised to be M 8.4, but it was further revised and announced that it was M 8.8.

It was the largest since the Meiji observation began.

Details are as below.

Since it was further modified to M9.0Another articleI added that to that effect.
Earthquake information (information on the activity situation etc. of the earthquake) announced by the Meteorological Agency at 16:30 on March 11, 2011

Tohoku district Pacific coast earthquake is M8 · 8, domestic largest scale: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to NHK and newspaper companies' report, the Meteorological Agency said that the magnitude of the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake was 8.8 on the official website, although the magnitude was 8.4 (provisional value) at the 16:30 presentation stage It is thing.

This is the largest thing in the country since the first observation of earthquakes in the Meiji era.

The release of breasts with magnitude 8.8 was announced below.

Earthquake information (Notice of renewal of epicenter element of remarkable earthquake)
Presented by the Meteorological Agency at 11:42 on March 11, 2011

Incidentally,American Geological SurveyofreportIt seems that the information on the earthquake magnitude by the media organizations around the world who were swaying at the beginning such as M8.4, M8.8, M8.9, has been unified into M8.9.


It was updated to M8.9 even at the BBC that originally reported M8.8.

BBC News - Tsunami hits north - eastern Japan after massive quake

Reuters reports "M 8.9, 140 years old earthquake".

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Massive 8.9 quake, tsunamis hit Japan - CNN.com

In the earthquake, the Tohoku region has suffered tremendous damage, and the swing was observed over a wide range. According to newsletter, Tokyo Tower is said to have been bent due to the earthquake.

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