A new mascot character of "Major Omachi", I love sweets but 3 kilograms later I want to lose "Komachi-san" Illustrations public offering begins

A bulletin board format posting corner where many women's troubles counseling etc. are gathered "Utterance Komachi"Women's site operated by Yomiuri Shimbun known as"Major Komachi"Illustration public offering of the new mascot character started from Today, March 8 (Tue).

The character setting has already been decided and "Bright and healthy, smiling cute Japanese people / new things I like, the latest fashion checks are indispensable / sweets love. But, I always want to lose 3 kg moreCharacter design based on features such as "You are required. A special judge is a manga artist known as "ChronographIt is said that a prize of 500,000 yen will be awarded to the adopted work.

Application guidelines etc are from the following.Otemachi Komachi new character "Komachi-san" recruitment start: Mixed news: major Oomachi: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

From 8 March (Tue) 2011 to 22 April (Fri), 2011, since the opening of the character of "Otemachi-cho" for women's website "Yomedo Komachi" operated by the Yomiuri Shimbun, analyzed existing popular characters , Friendly, easy-to-remember, born out of ideas at the editorial department with the theme of no other characterJellyfish"I love sweets / bright sweet and healthy, citizens who smile is cute / new things I like, the latest fashion check is indispensable / but I always want to lose 3 kg more" Perhaps it is likely that a character with a human woman as a motif will be newly added.

This time I am recruiting an illustration of the new character 'Komachi-san'. In addition to the above-mentioned features listed in the application guidelines, comments from Hiroko Inazawa, editor in chief Omachi Komachi may be helpful for design.

Comments from major chief Omachi editor, Yasuko Inazawa

A major Komachi is a site to make with your users. Talking about troubles in bulletin board "utterance Komachi", laughing together, unexpectedly crying, sometimes astonished by new discoveries.

"Komachi-san" is one of the people I meet here. It is a life-size character. Bright and healthy, smiling face is cute, I will definitely have fun if you are next to you, I am waiting for an illustration that is perfect for such an image!

The full text of the application summary is as follows. Two types of applications, mailing and e-mailing are possible, but please note that since it is slightly different from the deadline on the day of the deadline for mailing and until 23:59 on the day in the case of e-mail.

Application summary

1. Organizer Yomiuri Shimbun

2. Wanted artworks Major Komachi new character "Komachi-san" illustration

3. Characteristics of "Komachi-san"
▽ Bright and healthy, citizens who smile cute
▽ New fashion love, latest fashion check is indispensable
I love sweets. But, I always want to lose 3 kg more

Four. Work standard
【When applying by mail】
· Paper: A4 size (length 297 mm × width 210 mm) white paper
· Size: 1 point for each sheet within vertical length 297 mm × width 210 mm

【When applying by email】
· File format: JPEG only for entry
* We will exchange created data (PSD, AI, etc.) other than JPEG to the winners.

· Size: Long side 800 pixels or more, maximum 1200 pixels × 1200 pixels
* Images with a long side smaller than 800 pixels are not allowed

· Image capacity: Up to 2 MB per point with 72 dpi

[Other (regardless of application method)]
· Only for whole body work
· White background

Five. Qualification requirements
There is no particular limitation. Everyone can apply.

* If the winner is a minor, consent from parents is required for the award.
※ The work is an unpublished work created by the applicant.

6. Application method
【When applying by mail】
· Please specify the following necessary items on the back of the application form.

● Postcode, address, name (phonetic), age, phone number (daytime contact number), email address (someone only), occupation (student / student is school name)

【When applying by attaching to email】
· Subject of E-mail: "Major Komachi Character Apply"
· Please specify the following necessary items in the mail body.

● Postcode, address, name (phonetic), age, phone number (daytime contact number), occupation (student / student is school name), simple work explanation (about 50 letters)

* Personal information will not be used other than matters related to this project implementation.
※ For the winner of the award, we will announce the name, address (prefecture district municipality name), occupation etc. However, if the winner does not wish to publish the name, it is also possible to make a public announcement with the pen name.
* Applicants will be responsible for postage and communication costs. In the case of mailing applications, things without stamps will not be accepted.

7. Applicants
【Address at mail】
Secretariat of "Otemachi Komachi Character Recruitment" PO Box 88, Meguro Branch, 152-28691 Postal Service Co., Ltd.

【E-mail applicants】
[email protected]
· Subject of E-mail: "Major Komachi Character Apply"

8. Application deadline
【Application by mail】 must arrive on Friday, April 22, 2011
【Entry by E-mail】 Inauguration of Friday, April 22, 2011 23:59

9. Selection method
We will select at the special judge's manga artist Kei Eko, and major Omachi editorial department.

Ten. award
1st Prize (prize money 500,000 yen)

11. Announcement
By the end of May, 2011 (planned)
※ In addition to notifying the winner him / herself, it will be announced at "Major Komachi" etc.

12. Contact address
"Leading Komachi character Wanted" Secretariat [email protected]

13. Treatment of employed work
· The winner will transfer the copyright of the recruited work (including the rights prescribed in Article 27 and 28 of the copyright law) to the organizer.
· In addition to appearing in "Major Omachi" and "Mobile Otemachi Komachi", smartphone applications, books, etc., characters will be designed as various character goods.
* Please also check "15.Others".

14. Handling entries
· Entries will not be returned.

15. Other
· Submissions will be unpublished works created by applicants.
· It is assumed that a third party does not use copyrighted works etc. which have rights of copyrights etc. in the entry work. Entrants are responsible for any problems relating to copyrights etc. of the submitted works.
· Applicants are permitted to use the submitted work by the organizer for introduction and recording of the application project.
· Those contrary to the recruitment provision will not be subject to review. When a violation turns out at a later date, we cancel the prize.
· The winners will accept the organizer's amendment and adaptation of some of the recruited works.
· The winner will allow the organizer to register and register trademarks and designs of the work to be recruited.

From the place where the special judge is Keiko Eko, is not it something like the character image that is somewhat required? Although it seems that it seems that it seems to be visible, but development to character goods etc. is also scheduled, and since the prize money is also very expensive as 500,000 yen, it may be good for people who remember in the illustration's arm to challenge not.

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