A couple who went celebrating using Skype, staying smoothly except for the oath of kiss

Last year, Mr. Fukushigu, the only son of Chunichi Dragons's coach OchiaiA lightning marriage with a woman I met in SkypeAlthough there was a talk that there was a talk, in the State of California, America, a couple that caressed a wedding using Skype is talking about.

Of course, although Skype was used, there were circumstances that it would be impossible to get rid of, but there was no problem other than "Physically impossible" kiss "and the wedding ceremony was done without delay .

The details of the wedding using Skype is from the following.O.C. couple get married over Skype - News - The Orange County Register

Couple overcomes groom's illness with Skype wedding | Reuters

Samuel Kim (27), a groom living in the Orange group in California, and Helen O. (27), a bride, gave a wedding ceremony with the help of Skype. The groom was forced to stay in the hospital due to pulmonary infection and was in a state where she could not walk on the virgin road, but the bride looked at the groom's face shown on a huge screen and greeted the moment of swear with them .

"Helen, my wife, I am really sorry that we can not stand in front of the altar by walking along the Virgin Road on the day of today, but on the first day in today's day going on today Let's live together for a long time forever, I will not be able to come out to the ceremony together, but in the end I promise to be a perfect husband for the future ", said the groom, Mr. Kim, I mentioned the words of vow through.

By the way, because they were photographing the commemorative photo of the marriage in advance, Kim could see Helen's wedding dress in person, not over the screen, directly. As for the oath of killing, Helen's father, who served as chair pastor and moderator, took the process. The moment of the oath of killing is the most exciting part of the ceremony, but as if to supplement it, everywhere in the room where the wedding ceremony was held, there were two friendly relationship photos taken in advance It was that it was.

One of lovey photos taken by Kim and Helen.

"I intended to postpone the wedding ceremony, but Helen said" I should use Skype! " Kim answered this interview in the hospital room of the UCI medical center of the Orange group. Mr. Kim did not want to worry about Mr. Helen who was closer to the ceremony, so I did not feel like telling her own medical condition, but because treatment requires hospitalization for several weeks, keep it secret It was difficult to do, I eventually confirmed the progress of things to her.

Originally, Kim thought that Mr. Helen could not prepare the best wedding ceremony, thought that she had discouraged her, but she changed the date instead of being strange to change her I succeeded in raising a grand ceremony without doing anything. Helen came up with a wedding ceremony using Skype because her father advised, "Call Kim during the ceremony and set the phone in the ceremony as a speaker phone" Because it was. According to the advice Helen had thought of using video chat with Skype, but he said that he did not know that he could do such a thing because he got the idea, he combined the power of the father and the child It seems to be said that it is realized because it is realized.

The church which became the venue has a large room that can accommodate as many as 2,000 people and was able to proceed without delay with Skype's wedding ceremony as there was a big screen that can be used for special occasions. In the ceremony, there were about 500 international visitors who showed the connections of the bride and groom as they are.

"The expression using Skype ceased without delay," says Kim. After that, he decided to take as much as possible the texts of celebrations sent from friends via Skype. Mr. Kim was not admitted to the wedding because he was in the hospital so he could not attend the wedding but on the evening of the ceremony Helen said he visited his room and planned to move to the apartment in La Habra and live together.

About two years ago this couple met with Mr. Kim's stepmother introducing her the same insurance agent as Helen. The stepmother who wanted me to marry two people even made a date, but Kim refused to go to a date planned by stepmother, who the other party did not know. However, as the stepmother persuaded to quote a part of the Bible saying "I must respect my parents" until then he eventually decided to go on a date. And, contrary to resistance, he said that he fell in love the moment he saw Helen at first sight.

By the way, concerning honeymoon, Mr. Helen wanted to go to Paris and Prague, he was planning to leave for Europe trip on the evening of the ceremony at the hope of Ms Helen, but he said he canceled it. Of course, I was concerned about Mr. Kim's illness, "If I had started as planned, the temperature of Paris and Prague would have been so low that it might have been rather good," Kim says. They say that they are planning a travel plan a few months to fully enjoy Paris in spring.

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