Sugakiya, "Half price campaign" is held at all stores this year as well

Once a year from 2006, in all stores "Half price campaignIt is clear that Sugakiya, which carries out the campaign, will carry out this campaign again this year.

It is popular around the Tokai · Kansai etc. mainly, and it is familiar Sugakiya dealing with ramen and sweetness, but since it is often in a shopping center etc., it may be good to try going shopping next time not.

Details are as below.
Sugakiya half price campaign

According to Sukakiya's official page, it is said that the campaign will be executed for half of all 342 stores across the two days of March 5 (Saturday) and 6th March (Sunday).

The menu which becomes half price is like this. Ramen is 140 yen how it is.

Sugakiya half price campaign half price menu

Also, on the official page, half-price campaigns over the past five years have been reviewed and contributions from the half-price campaign etc. are posted.

Sugakiya half price campaign half-price campaign

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