A thorough commentary on "iPad 2" released on March 25 with a high-resolution image, exactly "model evolution" into a model

Apple is in the early morning of March 3 in Japan timeFormal announcement of "iPad 2"Did. The release in Japan is scheduled for March 25th.

"IPad 2" not only succeeded in making the main body drastically thin and light, but also in addition to the "A5 processor" which realized the processing speed twice as high as the conventional speed and graphic performance of nine times, finally installing a camera , Exactly the expression "Orthodox evolution" is a suitable model.

Details are as below.
This is the main body of iPad 2. A new white model also appeared, succeeded in thinning 33%, the thickness became 8.8 mm, and also the most heavy model (W-CDMA model corresponding to 3G) is 613 g which is extremely lightweight became. The body size is 241.2 mm × 185.7 mm.

A 1 GHz dual-core CPU "A5 processor", 1024 x 768 9.7 inch IPS liquid crystal, VGA 30 fps on the front and 720 p 30 fps camera on the back. It has IEEE802.11 b / g / n compatible wireless LAN and it is also possible to use high-quality videophone software "Facetime". In addition, geotagging using location information of Wi-Fi spot is also supported for movies and photos taken. The driving time is about 10 hours.

Magnet type cover "iPad Smart Cover" sold separately expanded 10 colors.

When using as a stand when watching movies.

It can also be used as a keyboard stand. Because the joint is magnet type, it does not shift.

The iPad automatically goes to sleep when putting on the cover, it has the function of returning immediately as soon as it is removed, and the function of wiping the screen dirt and fingerprints while the microfiber lining is carried around etc. is.

Although it seems surprising that the 960 × 640 ultra high resolution display "Retina Display" adopted for iPhone 4 was not installed, in addition to the long-awaited camera installation, improvement of processing capability, and more carry around IPad 2 that seems to be a very big advantage is that it is easier.

Tablet Terminal Because it is the iPad series that ignited the popularity of popularity, it is a place to wonder how popular users gather by the appearance of a new model.

The official page of "iPad 2" is from the following.

Apple - iPad - a completely new design. Video call. HD video. There are many other things.

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