The southern part of Morocco, the beauty of the endless Sahara Desert spreading out in the western Sahara and the wild camels across the road

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. "Delicious Moroccan cuisine and the bustle of Marrakesh where many tourists visit and travelers aiming for the Sahara desertFollowing the article 's in Morocco.

From the last Marrakesh you cross the Atlas Mountains and you will enter the desert area. The distance between the city and the city is also long, and there is nothing in between. It seems that he entered the Sahara desert. In the desert we also saw a camel. Tourists also sparse from southern Morocco to the western SaharaRayuine(Aiun) to introduce the whole story. The desert and the camels are amazing.

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Here is the main city of Western Sahara Rayoune.

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You have to cross the Atlas mountains after leaving Marrakesh. The Atlas mountain range is a large mountain range crossing northwestern Africa, and the highest peak is 4165 m higher than Mt. Fuji. Over this Atlas mountain range is the end part near the sea so it was not so hard, but still the pass was close to 1300 m.

A town spreading at the foot of the mountain

Mountain path

Snow wearing atlas mountains

The first camp in Africa

Over the Atlas mountain range, the city and the city were far away as expected, so we had to camp again. There are few people, but there are people. When entering a developing country, "Where do people live"? Walking on the road or waiting for something in a place where there is nothing, it is a common thing and camping was worried and it was useless. Moreover, I was worried even more because it was the first camp in Africa. No one came and I felt relieved when I came in the morning without anything.

Run through Atlas mountains

AgadirI got to the city nearby. I crossed the Atlas mountains.

The distance display on the road appears

This is
LAAYOUNE 539: Rayoun → the capital of Western Sahara
NUAKCHOTT 1962: Nouakchott → the capital of Mauritania
SAINT LOUIS 2257: Saint Louis → Senegal First city

I have to run still more.

From there, I had to cross the 1000 meter pass.

It is a pleasant pass, which expands the field of vision.

Pass road and mountain area

Small, sheep are grazing. And it is hard to understand but it is cliff. If you are a human you will run fearfully ridiculously unless you climb up with both hands and feet. In recent years, it has been annoying as a herbivorous herbivorous system, but it is really tough.

I cross the pass and enter the town with downhill. Since there is nothing in the vicinity, you can clearly see the whole picture of the city.

A sign of "attention to camels" appeared.

The scenery is just getting wider and there is nothing. I guess I entered the Sahara desert. Dry ground is spreading everywhere.

If the abandoned house away from this road side says something ...

I got a tent stretched in this.

Abandoned houses and roads are so far away ...

The wilderness spreads to the side opposite the road.

Tan TanI will enter the city. There was a camel object at the entrance.

The city of Tintin, which is not popular though it is daytime

This turns around, it gets excited when it is night.

When coming south so far, the strength of sunlight during the day is not half the way. The sun is hurting. So, people will not go out when the sun is strong. The city begins to crowd after it gets cool at night. There was a lot of people at night as to where the city of Tintin came out. It was the same with Iran.

After going out of Tintin, we aim to Ray Yuen, 300 km away.

Camper strolling at the beach

I hate a cold European winter, I see a lot of camper cars in Morocco. Only the elderly are driving, and 80% are French numbers.

When you leave Tintin you can see the ocean nearby

And it became flat


It is usually flat, but it gets off near the sea surface only in the river cove, where it is eroded.

Cliff line of the cliff. Continents are being scraped by waves.

A quietly spread Atlantic Ocean.

I put up a tent in the desert.

Around the tent stretched around.

I usually keep a bicycle on a tree, but here is nothing. The stick of the stand which I got in anticipation of it was active. It is a charrider stand who knows who they know.

Monotonous scenery continues, but there are animals too.

I saw a goat.

I sometimes see people grazing in such remote areas. However. I did not see a shepherd in this herd. Were you in the distance, Wild? ...?

And the camel will pass. The camel on the right is holding a neck with a support post.

A row of column crossovers across the road.

I will encounter many times including this flock. I saw a camel in Australia and Uyghur, but it is not here. Ten or so heads are making a flock here. The camel you find from a distance is like a small mountain that moves in nature, its appearance is strange and it can not be helped.

Sunset in the Sahara Desert

I put a tent on the crack of the earth which is the blind spot from the road. Behind the tent is a small valley.

In Morocco in the urban area I was glad that I arrived at the inn, but in this area the distance between the city and the city will be small and I have to set up a tent. Camping is serious, but here also there is fun. The reason is because I can feel the starry sky to worry about spilling. I have seen a lot of starry sky before, but is it because it is dry? The starry sky seen here may be the best. The sky is filled with shining stars and filled. It blinks even in the back of the dark when I look down my eyes. Looking at the horizon, the starry sky draws an arc, and you can feel that the earth is round. It is likely to reach the truth of the universe. Turn off the lights of the headlights and fallen shooting stars when they were popping. A mysterious night continues.

Then I will enter the main city of Rayne, Western Sahara.

Market and square

Residential building

Water tower

main Street

Stray cats staring at the meat

The desert is spreading outside the town

This Western Sahara requires independence of Morocco and Western SaharaPolisario FrontIt is a disputed place with.

In 1975 Spain withdrew from colonial management, in exchange Morocco in the north and Mauritania in the south merged into the country. Meanwhile, the Polisario Front, which demands separation and independence of Western Sahara, is the exile in AlgeriaDemocratic Republic of Sahara and ArabEstablishing an armed struggle. Morocco and Algeria have border problems, Algeria has supported the Polysario Front in a scheme of enemy enemies as friends. Mauritania abandons Western Sahara on a fierce armed struggle. So Morocco took over occupation throughout the region and then Morocco continues to dominate the whole of Western Sahara.

Morocco and the Polisario Front ceased fighting in peace plan that it belongs to independence or Morocco in 1988 or a referendum referendum, but the referendum has not been done yet.

Rayneu is the largest city in Western Sahara and more than half of the total population live in this town. I often see the morning and police officers in Morocco as I walk through the city. Since there seemed to be an armed conflict that caused death among security forces and residents in November the previous year, I can not hide the tension.

I feel that the city of Rayoun is well maintained for its scale. The mainland town is more cluttered, but here it seems to be in shape. Despite being a remote place in the Sahara desert, prices are unchanged from the mainland of Morocco. Even if I look into the market, it is overflowing with many items and there seems to be no inconvenience. It is almost the same as the mainland of Morocco, but the atmosphere of the living person is different. Moroccans are also sunburned and many people are brown than the mainland. And the Moroccans and the blacks are mixed, and some people can get either. It may be a place where cultures mix together.

I met a Moroccan charrider.

Since the charrider was absent at the cafe, I tried speaking to him. She seems to live in Naranda near the Algerian border in Morocco, northeast of Morocco. She runs to the Mauritanian border, and runs to the Mauritanian border and runs to another place with the duplicate bus to the house and go home. " It was said. It seems that such a trip to Morocco is also the fourth time, "I want to go abroad, but Europe can not run because prices are high" I murmured. "Why are you traveling a bicycle?" Asked, "Because I want to see various things with my own eyes", it was the same reason as myself.

I have also traveled around Japan in the same way in Indonesia, China, and here in Morocco, so I will be pleased if I meet Charliger around my country. I was taking communication in French. If you want to talk about it, it will do something more than words.

Small children

When asking for sandwiches in fast food, small children gathered and talking with "shinois, Chinois (Chinese)" with hiss and shoes. It is unusual for visitors from the East to use it. But as you approach, you run away like scattering a spider's son. No, I will not do anything. Such a cute and inevitable, I asked and asked me to take a picture.

Morocco has become long, but I have not forgotten about developing food. I finally tried "Avocado yoghurt to drink". It was sweet and refreshing, regardless of its appearance.

And I realized that I can eat homemade yoghurt in a cafe. There is always there in every town. And the uncle is eating. And, when you look back at here, it is only men that cafe. I do not see a woman who is doing something in town other than a woman who is eating a meal with her family or Islamic country.

Tagine (Moroccan version meat and potatoes) is not a special instrument if you think it is a new dish.

I will close it with Japan flan. What's this.

There is no more people than ever before leaving Rayoun. The next destination is the city of Mauritania's first Nuadibu, and until that time we have to run about 900 km in the Sahara desert.

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