Kazuo Sakawa interview with special effects technology director such as Ultra series, "Customers get away if they do it only with self-satisfaction"

Tsuburaya Pro"God of special effects" that foundedTsuburaya EiAs director of the special series of Ultra series, he produced many special effects worksDirector Kazuo SagawaI asked about the essence of the work and memories with Tsuchiya.

Director Sakawa, including special photography of "Ultraman""Ultraman who came back""Ultraman Taro""Ultraman Cosmos"Participated in a work such as a special skill director. This time, SKY PerfecTV! And on cable TV stations etc.Japanese Movie Specialty ChannelSpecial feature 'special effects kingdom special ~ 6th original challenge to the world' original program"Nippon Special Effects, Crossing the Borders! ~ Men who challenged the world ~" (3/20, 3/21 and others broadcast)Appearance. What kind of feelings do the special skill director who continued to support Japanese special effects for more than 30 years holds the situation where the current special effects are placed?

Details are as below.Japanese Movie Specialty Channel "Special Effects Kingdom Special - The 6th Challenge to the World"

Arrived at Akasaka Twin Towers where today's recording is done

Reception of Japanese movie channels

Director Sagawa arrived at the recording site. The appearance of this time is that the movie "Extreme Exploration Boat Pola Boara" shot in US capital is televised in the 1st feature of the feature, the situation of the shooting at that time is told in the program.

At that time, "Porabora" which was actually used for shooting. Director Tomo Haraguchi, one of the performers this time, collected items that were discarded at the shooting station and brought the things that I personally restored / kept.

Prior to Paula Bora, with Haraguchi.

◆ Before becoming a special effects director

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):
First of all, how is the special effects director superior to the ordinary director?

Director Kazuo Sagawa (hereinafter referred to as Sakawa):
Regular director is to take a drama, but a special skill director is a drama, a work that implements an image as an image. For example, it is natural that directing a costume of a monster, but that is a work from Eiji Tsuburaya that occurred in the work of a special skill director. A normal director takes pictures of things in this world through lenses, but a special skill director must photograph the image written in the script, the one not existing in this world. Even if you look through the lens, you can not say that you can not take pictures with no picture, you can not say it is a special skill director. Just being a director of a monster is not a special skill director.

I think that special skill director is a special work, how did you become a special skill director in the background?

When I was a student, I wonder if it was Showa 33. I entered the faculty of art at the Nihon University in Ekoda in Ikebukuro, had become an ordinary director or a director, it was a time when the population will also increase and it seems that people are going to do so That is why you thought about doing something you did not do.

Just around that time, Godzilla is getting excited, Eiji Tsuburaya, I am calling Oyaji, in the spring of the first year of the university, but I want to go to Tsuburaya and learn at Ms. Oyaji. Then you say "Do not you like this business, just me?" So do not say such a thing, if you want to ask and do so much, it was the first time to be part-time job Right. As Ms. Oya says "My parents are thinking", "I am OK because I am the second son" (laugh)

But it was serious. When Mr. Oyaji got into work, she was called by a photographer and various jobs, and when I was out of work I felt like going to school, so I do not know which is the real work. Therefore, I will miss the test again and I can not accept it even if I retest. In such a situation, I graduated from college half a year late. I was good because I could graduate even half a year later (laugh)

I see, that was how it happened.

At that time, I had plenty of video related work on television. Because there are not enough people, if you graduate, you are called "Welcome home," other than NHK. It seems like there are no job offerings for each company per person now. But I declined it and wanted to do film.

◆ Digital technology and analog technology

Although it is a bit story, recently I think that movies using special effects are decreasing and I think that there is a tendency that the number of using CG is increasing instead, but special effects are better than CG among them What kind of place is that?

It is difficult if it is said that it is made of analog and can not be done digitally. The most difficult thing in digital is water and fire. However, now if there is a picture based on water or fire, it can be reproduced. You can make whirlpool or make tornado, whatever you can do. In the case of analog, it becomes a technology problem how to make it.

So, when it comes to which one is superior or impressive, I think it is a matter of the image contained in the head of the making person. If tornadoes are tornadoes, Arashi if storms, I think that everyone has images. Is that image a poisonous thing or a casual one, there is a difference there.

For example, there is a person 's good picture, and even if I'm good at taking pictures only I will be satisfied with self - satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with yourself, you can not do the video, but if you do it with your own satisfaction alone, the customer will go away.

I am still thinking that "natural things are reflected naturally". For example, a cup in front of it. Whoever looks at this is a cup. Just like that, when you create a new shape here, you know whether it is a dinosaur or a monster, even if it is silent. It must not seem to understand if a telop enters or explains.

So, the most important thing for special images is to make those who saw the images be able to create SE (sound effect) without permission in their minds. It will be OK if you can do it.

This is what Ms. Oyaji always said, "Stand on the side of the customer and make a picture." "If you want to make your own paintings, make a self-made movie.It is an individual living in a capital society to the end.If you do not think about it, customers will leave."

Well, it's not just that, it's important to have your own commitment. After losing this feeling at all, the aftertaste is bad, even if you see things you made afterwards. Because it makes me feel a little pleasant if my commitment still remains a little.

◆ Success if you can make works that customers will immerse

Among the works I have made so far, this worked, which one works that you can be satisfied?

Before I was doing, I was satisfied, I could not be satisfied, of course it is, of course it is also in each process, is not it? So, it is difficult for any work to be said.

Then, at what times do you think that this could be done well?

That's the time the customer seems to be immersed in the drama without discomfort. I used to go to the cinema often and listen to the story at the exit. At that time, if there is a feeling "Oh, that's right," I think that it is a great success. "Wow good, was the best!" Because this is the opinion of otaku (lol)

Otaku is not a bad thing. But people who are not otaku are also watching movies.

◆ How to make Hollywood movies and movies "Avatar"

"Avatar"The movie has been successful, but did you see it?

I am thinking that I will look at it, but I'm just watching the part on the way, I have not seen through the whole story yet. The beauty of that movie,James CameronIt is a wonderful person. Perhaps that person thinks firmly that what customers will be pleased if you make any kind of video.

There may be a part that I make for myself, but how to make Hollywood movies is making it, making it, making it based on the customer entering and money coming in. Because it is also against the buyers all over the world, people in Japan like this, Americans do not like this, but what kind of images do people all over the world want on the picture I think that I make it by calculating it.

There is something to think about watching a movie "Ah, next time it will be like this?" So, it actually does. At that time, I think that the audience is still reading what you want.

I had a chance to see a lot of Hollywood's work, so I think so well, but the way over there is like this. "I will come out, you will come out, come out ... Oh, I will not come out" At the moment I made you think so, it comes out with a bar. This. There is always this. This is the first way to go over there.

◆ To create a reality video

I think that there are many works with reality that you think is really likely in reality in the director's work, but how do you get reality?

I wonder. As a way to make it, I guess it makes me with such feelings. When taking a monster movie the easiest way is to "take scared things as scary".

Because when it is a monster, when it is barking, when attacking, it thinks about the fear of a monster and directs it. On the contrary, when giving kindness, if you treat with a gentle heart, you can take a gentle image. Video is also an emotion. It is easier to express emotions.

I often mention comic books, but "crying is training, anger is a whip". So, to say "laugh", this is a success. If you make something that makes you laugh, you can really do a good video.

◆ About the current Ultra series

Is it related to the Ultra series considerably deeply, is there anything that you feel something when you see the new Ultraman?

Because Ultraman has become famous only this way, it will become Ultraman no matter how you make it. Ultraman comes out, it is Ultraman.

Then, what will happen if Ultraman does not come out, this is no longer a drama. The current fan will be 4 to 5 years old at the target ages. I guess it is not until ten years old. That means that you should not take a child of 4-5 years old as a fool.

I have a grandson who will be five years old, but I have a feeling of five at the age of five. I am only wondering if the current 5 years old is influenced by television. I do not care about the drama. Ultraman comes up and you can hit the monster. Actually, it can not be done, but since it has made it to such a world, it can not be helped, this is.

There are many TV dramas that only catch phenomena. As the making side, that is the quickest. So, the viewer will just see it.

Were not children like a 5-year-old in the past?

When my child was watching, when my parents were together and there was a place where children could not understand, I asked, "What is this doing?" With that, I understood the drama, but now I do not have such parents. In the past, there were also families seeing Ultraman and character objects together with their parents, but now the images seen by such families have decreased.

Once in a while, when taking a heavy picture, "Okay, I can not show you in the time zone when the child is eating rice," you talked to Tsuburaya's father. I certainly think so, but at that time I said "I'm not a good oya san" and I said "I can not believe that idea, you are!" I got scolded.

◆ "100 points of 100 materials processed into 100 points of images"

The talk changes slightly, but is there anything that this was good in recent movies etc?

Please do not bother this (lol) I do not dislike television, but if you see pictures you want to see it on a big screen. So, going to the cinema is now just going with my grandchildren.

Recent images are already doing great things, it is a series of surprises that you can do this. I do not know the digital technology at all, I know the size. However, I think that it would be no image if I saw a picture that was not made. I'm thinking about the raw picture.

In my case, I think that 100 pictures can be taken by shooting 100 things at the time of the video which is not being made anything, 100 seasoning from there. It's not 200 points, is it? But I do not think that all of the current images are so, but I do not think that it is 50 points that are not made anything, 50 points of workmanship, and 100 points by 50 + 50, but that is not the case.

Even if you make 50 points on 50 images, it will be 100 points.

I have been doing analog images for many years and sometimes fail, but if I fail, it will be an image that does not come with chopsticks or sticks. That is 50 pictures and 50 pictures of workmanship.

Even if it is skillful, this is certain to happen, so when I take it by myself I'm trying hard to manage to take 100 images, but the person taking the play and the person taking the special effects are different I will ask in advance that "Please stop this only" in advance, but there are occasions when you can only take photos of it on the spot inevitably.

◆ "Shoot anything seriously"

As the last question, is there something always in mind when you do work?

When I was young, it was not a different story now, but when I was young, it was said to Mr. Oyaji "Do not take anything seriously and take it." "When this is gone, get out of this world anymore, whatever small things, get serious and work on it." It is quite difficult, though.

I am planning to do 100% by myself, but it is difficult. Time and money, caught up in various things.

Thank you very much.

In addition, the next time I make that transformation scene of Ultraman,"Godzilla vs. Biolante"He was in charge of special effects technology supervision in many worksDirector Koichi KawakitaWe will post an interview of.

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