Cute Jack · Sparrow and milky fluffy "Knein cat" etc. The 23rd Prize Fair 's interesting prizes Various

AOU 2011 Amusement · ExpoAbout the prize at the 23rd prize fair held at the same time,ONE PIECEYaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure,Kamen Rider,True · Megami GenshinAlthough I did introduce various things, although it did not fit in them, there were still plenty of interesting prizes, so I will publish it at the end in a brief summary here.

Large size "NARUTO - Naruto"Figure and"Pirates of the Caribbean"Various goods, even Mifumfu's"sleepy cat"Variety-rich line-ups are from the following.
"NARUTO - Naruto Shippuden MASTER STARS PIECE Uzumaki Naruto" scheduled for July 3

"NARUTO - Naruto Shippuden High Spec Coloring Figure 4" scheduled for August 2, Naruto


Hatake Kakashi

Killer Bee

"Stitch MJ Pirates of the Caribbean Stuffed Doll"

"Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain of Izumi Smartphone Case for iPhone"

"Pirates of the Caribbean Life's Fountain Pocket Watch"

"Pirates of the Caribbean Life's Izumi Cushion"

"Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain Music Box Box"

"Pirates of the Caribbean T-shirt"

"Disney Character Pook · A · Looz Cute Size Plush Doll vol.2" has a cute arrangement of Jack Sparrow.

FluOriginal item "sleepy cat".

A new "kneading cat" appeared.

It seems that the point of the kneading cat is "Mohumov feeling of fertile hair like kitten".


Ume, Sakura

Tsubaki, thigh

A little big cat nested cats.

Speaking of stereoscopic mouse pads, many breast mouse pads have been released, but neom cats have also become mouse pads. As expected it is attractive to use a boob mouse pad in the office, but it is OK if you're a cat.

Halloween Neighbor Cat

Ice cream sleeping cat

A cat looks like a ice cream and is comfortably put in a cone.

Matcha ice cream

Ichigo Ice

A picture of a spreading cat family.

This isSystem serviceOriginal item "Daruhi".

Daruma + chick is "Daruhi".

New melon bear also.

"Melon Bear Reversible Cushion"

It is a cushion that will suffocate like this in this way.

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