A large amount of "non-existent person with disabilities" was found in the UK

Last year in Japan, the bereaved families received pensions without deleting the resident registration even after the elderly died "Non real elderlyAlthough the problem became a hot topic, in the UK a large amount of "unrealityhandicappedIt is clear that the parking space for the physically handicapped is used.

Details are as below.Thousands of disabled badges registered to dead people | Mail Online

In Japan it has been introduced by municipalities since 2006 in order to prevent unauthorized parking by healthy peopleParking Permit. In England, a badge posted on a car by a disabled person called "blue badge" was introduced in the 1970's, and about 2.5 million cards are currently being used, but in recent years there have been many healthy badges due to counterfeiting and improper registration People use parking spaces for disabled people, parking fee and parking feeCongestion chargeIt is a problem that avoiding payment of traffic (congestion tax) is avoided.

Meanwhile,Northern IrelandIt became obvious recently that 5142 parking permits were registered under the name of a physically handicapped person who had already died,Audit AuthorityHe is planning to start a full-scale investigation.

The 5142 number is a fraud countermeasure program implemented by the municipal audit committee since 1996National Fraud InitiativeWhat was discovered by a survey conducted as part of the. Recently it has become an issue to strengthen the review of beneficiaries such as livelihood protection and various benefits such as finding overpayment of housing allowance of more than 2 million pounds (about 270 million yen) , It is the background that the municipality issuing the parking permit was given the authority to apply to the parking permit applicant the same examination as that of the disability allowance examination. The municipality is also given the authority to confiscate a suspected illegitimate permission, and the applicant will not be required to submit a medical certificate from the doctor at the time of issuance of the permit, but the examination will be conducted at the institution designated by the municipality It seems to be.

There may be many drivers who have experienced being tempted by the parking space for the physically challenged in a crowded parking lot, but even if you think that "5 minutes is fine," you really need a parking space in the 5 minutes There is a possibility that it may be annoying for the person who needs it and even if you leave the parking lot after 5 minutes another healthy person who was watching it could lead to continuing with "that car was stopped" Hmm.

Unfortunately, it seems that illegal parking does not go away only by relying on people's moral, and the number of countries and municipalities that introduce parking permits is increasing, but if introduced, it is said that illegal registration and forgery will become a problem this time as in the UK It may be possible even in Japan where parking permits were introduced for the first time in Saga Prefecture in 2006 and it has already been introduced in 15 cities and 2 cities. In the UK of a parking permit committed developed country, permits issued in the future will be included in a hologram for counterfeiting preventionUK Department of TransportationHas announced.

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