Real Mario Kart came back, this time I shoot into the shopping center and snatch the banana

Previous article"Real Mario Kart" that truly throws a banana in public roadA comedian, Remi Gaillard, who was playing Mario at Mario, took a real Mario Kart again and the appearance was up on YouTube.

This time, not only public roads, but also rushing into the shopping center and trying to take off the banana, such domineering does not know where to stay but truly can not leave him such a police And will be driven by a guard man ... ....

The contents of a messy Real Mario Kart are from the following.YouTube - Mario Kart is back

What a fake title screen "REMI KART 2".

Odysan cosplayed among the familiar characters are dignifiedly mixed, but this person is REMI (Remi Gaillard).

With the cheerful music before the start of Mario Kart backed, REMI Mario will start, wait for the signal to turn red. The opponent naturally is not Kuppa, Luigi, etc., but passenger car passing by unexpectedly does not know the circumstances. It is a very dangerous sight.

Although it is an ant driving like a mario kart, if you do it on a public road it will be a bit painful to understand how it is unpleasant. REMI Mario gets the item without a doubt about the feelings of such a looking side.

I brush the banana skin I got mercilessly on the public road.

I am seriously throwing it at the bottom of a passenger car. The probability of really slipping on the banana peel seems to be low, but when you are watching it will annoy you ... .... If you've ever traveled a car, you probably would not want to come across REMI Mario absolutely.

A policeman who was unable to endure the domineering of such REMI Mario cries in a dash while shouting. Will this possibly be arrested ...?

And thought that you escaped the chase of the police officer, REMI Mario will continue to run fast.

It seems that he arrived at the commercial facility some time ago.

Here I switch to the monitoring camera view for a moment, apparently REMI Mario seems to be stuck in the shopping center as it is in the cart. What kind of violence.

REMI Mario stands up when you arrive at the fresh food department.

With two or three bananas without hesitation trying to take it away. No, it's a stupid thing ......

A man with a black clothing like a guardian came over and entrained REMI Mario. As expected it is already the end of one volume?

At the next moment when I thought so, the scene changed and the place where Mario who bought powerful mushrooms is bashing dogs is reflected. I was getting worried more and more how I escaped from pursuers every time.

This time I got the green cook of the item, so I will throw it to the tires of the passenger car as a matter of course. I think it is probably a toy with a shape of a turtle, but I will be surprised that it is an act that shows the difference between the game and the reality a lot ... ....

REMI Mario who will win over a police officer.

Because I had a margin, I will be chased after by a white bite. Not only traffic rules but also REMI Mario selling fight to real world common sense will not be arrested seriously someday someday It will be a bit worried ...

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