Gathering information from all over the world, it is 295 exabytes, 94% of which are digitized

According to the research team at the University of Southern California, the capacity of information held by all human beings all over the world is295 exabyte(1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes, one hundred kilobytes), and when it is piled up in the CD-ROM, it reaches from the ground up to the moon and it will be about a quarter of the distance from that month. This is the number when including both digital and analog information. 94% of these are being digitized.

That's why the fact that the information that all mankind has is unimaginable is as follows.
How Much Information Is There in the World? - USC News

Ultimate hoarding: Study finds mankind could store 295 exabytes of data

The period covered by this research data is from 1986 to 2007, the digitized information has already exceeded the data amount which was digitized in 2002, and this 2002 is "Digital AgeIt seems to be the beginning of the year.

Furthermore, in 2007, 94% of all information was digitized, and in 2007 the broadcast data transmitted unilaterally, including broadcasting and GPS etc., was 1.9 GB (1 ZETA byte = 1000 exabyte) We are sending capacity data, which seems to be equivalent to reading all newspapers 174 pages daily.

And in bi-directional communications like mobile phones, as of 2007, all human beings share information volumes of 65 exabytes, which is equivalent to reading all newspapers by 6 pages each day That's right.

A general general - purpose computer worldwide calculates 6.4 x 10 ^ 18 times in 1 second, which is the same as the number of nerve impulses in one human brain. If this calculation is done manually, it seems that it is a computational amount that can not catch up unless it is about 2200 times more than the time from the big bang until now.

In addition, between 1986 and 2007, the total computing capacity of computers worldwide continues to increase by 58% per year, growing at a rate that is ten times faster than the growth rate of American gross domestic product It will be done. At the same time, global traffic volume increased by 28% in gross total, recording capacity increased by 23% every year.

About the information enormously bloated so far, it is a desperate amount of what we can handle from where we are, "Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it available to people around the world"Google declares it on the official website and it is no longer a matter of time that such a time will come when it is possible to find anything you need from these huge amount of information freely, To the human side dealing with ... ... How is it?

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